Halloween Party Games and Activities for Kids

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I love Halloween, and I feel we under celebrate it in the UK. The kids say it’s their second favourite holiday (although it’s not really a holiday), and we like to go to town with it. Decorating the house, dressing up, crafts, spooky edible treats and of course trick or treating. So if you are looking for inspiration of ways to celebrate here are some ideas for Halloween Party Games and Activities for kids.

Previous years I have organised parties for the kids either at home, or hired the local village hall to host larger parties for all their friends.

This year however, like lots of other things, Halloween is going to be a bit different. I’ll be damned though if the current situation is going to ruin our Halloween and I’m determined to still make an event of it.

I’ve been looking at photos of our previous parties as I am planning a fun day at home full of Halloween themed activities, spooky party food and lots of fun games that the 5 of us can enjoy.

I thought I would share some of my ideas here, in case you were looking for inspiration of what to do this Halloween at home with the kids to still make it special.

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Halloween Activities

Decorate the House

The kids have always loved decorating the house for Halloween with me, with a mixture of homemade creations and shop bought. This year I have a few surprises up my sleeve, so I am planning to do some of the decorating the night before so they wake up to a house full of eerie decorations, topped off with a cauldron each of sweets for them.

Pumpkin Carving

Previous years we have always carved our pumpkins well ahead of Halloween, and even had pumpkin carving competitions amongst the kids friends. This year however, with half term activities being a bit scarce, I have booked us to visit a pumpkin patch the day before, and intend to have pumpkin carving as our first activity of the day.

2 carved pumpkins, one scary face, one as a cat.

Halloween Crafts

We have always enjoyed doing Halloween crafts together. Again in previous years we have always done them ahead of the day, but this year I thought it would be fun to incorporate some fun crafts on Halloween.

I have seperate blog posts on how to make toilet roll halloween bats, pipe cleaner spiders, mummy jam jar lanterns, paper mache jack o lanterns, ghost crafts and Halloween bunting if you are looking for some ideas and inspiration.

Halloween Baking

When we have had previous parties, I always like to go all out on the themed food. This year I’m going to let the kids get in on the kitchen action. I have a post all about Halloween themed party food if you want ideas, from monster rolls, mummy hotdogs, bat cupcakes and the kids favourites frankestein mini rolls.

Chocolate mini rolls decorated as mini Frankesteins
My chocolate roll mini Frankesteins

Halloween party games

Bobbing Apples

A classic Halloween game, but careful it can get messy! I kept ours simple with just a shallow bowl of water, but you can be as messy as you like with. this. Just make sure you have plenty of towels to hand.

A young girl playing bobbing apples

Scary Skittles

Decorate old tin cans with various scary designs, stack them up and use a soft ball to see who can knock down the most.

A group of young boys playing scary skittles

Dangling Donuts

One of Oliver’s favourite games (because he loves doughnuts!). Dangle mini doughnuts from string. The kids have to then get on their knees and try and eat a doughnut with their hands behind their back.

A young boy playing dangling doughnuts

Wrap the Mummy

If you have enough toilet roll then this can be a fun game. Who can wrap their ‘mummy’ the quickest. Just remeber to have a container to collect the toilet roll afterwards so it can still be used and not wasted.

2 small children dressed in Halloween costums, one is wrapping the other in toilet paper

Find The Eyeball

Or find anything really! These are one or more conatiners filled with lots of yucky contents. You can use a small bucket or similar container and tape the top so there is just enough room to place your hand without being able to see the what’s inside. The aim is the kids have to root around in whatever disgusting contents you choose to find an object. Previously we have filled the buckets with slime, spahetti hoops in tomato sauce, spaghetti and various other concoctions.

A young girl with her hand in a bucket of slime

Pass the Pumpkin

A Halloween take on pass the parcel. Not quite sure how this will work this year with just the 5 of us though. I scoop out the insides of a pumpkin and line it with foil and fill with packs of sweets. When the music stops if you have the pumpkin you can take the lid off and help yourself. Don’t worry the pumpkin doesn’t get wasted, I usually turn it into my spicy pumpkin soup for Guy Fawkes night.

Some children sat on the floor playing 'pass the pumpkin'

Musical Monsters

A really easy game with little prep. Think musical statues, but when the music stops the kids have to strike their scariest pose. A kid friendly Halloween soundtrack is a good addition.

2 young girls dressed in Halloween costums making scary faces

Trick or Treat Balloons

This is something new I want to try this year, if the weather is kind enough to us to get outside. I have bought orange and black balloons which I want to randomly fill with treats (small sweets) and tricks (maybe water if I’m feeling brave). I am then going to attach them to a line in the garden and get the kids to take it in turns to pop a balloon. The 2020 version of trick or treating!

So that’s it. Hopefully it has given you some ideas of things you can incorporate into your Halloween celebrations. If you have any other ideas I haven’t thought about then I’d love to hear about them in the comments. Don’t forget keep an eye on my Instagram grid and stories to see what we get up to this Halloween.

Happy Halloween!

Kerry x

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