My Very Own Solar System: A Review

Solar System

I am always on the lookout for things that will encourage my children’s curiosity and imagination.  This ceiling mounted illuminated solar system just does that, and Oliver just loves it!

Oliver has recently become obsessed with all things space. He has only just started school, but he loves the stars, asks about the planets, and was telling me all about gravity the other day!

When the lovely people at Find Me a Gift approached me to review one of their products, as soon as I saw ‘My Very Own Solar System’ I knew that was for us.

The minute Oliver saw the box he was so excited, I think he thought Christmas had come early.

My Very Own Solar System

The solar system consisted of a central sun which fixes to the ceiling and lights up. The light is battery powered so no complicated wiring is necessary. Installation was quick and simple, just requiring 2 screws to attach the mounting plate to the ceiling which the sun then attaches too.

The planets of the solar system were all numbered and corresponded to different length wires.  These wires then simply attached to 3 rotating bands around the sun. The kids helped James line up the wires, and find the corresponding planets whilst James was telling them the names of the planets.

It comes with a remote control, with one button to turn on the sun, and one to start the planets rotating.

What Oliver thought of ‘My Very Own Solar System’

Oliver just loves it! He wanted to pretend he was an astronaut, bouncing on the bed like he would do on the moon surface. I wouldn’t normally let him jump on his bed but he was so excited!

The illuminated solar system also comes with an information leaflet about our solar system and the planets within it. Whilst my two are too young to read this yet themselves, they did enjoy looking at the pictures at learning the names of the planets.

He wanted it on all the time, and he wanted it on when he went to bed so he could look up at the planets. As the mechanism that causes the planets to spin were pretty quiet, and the light was only as bright as a night light, I let him.  He went to sleep watching the planets orbit the sun, and has done every night since!


If you are interested in getting your own little astronaut ‘My Very Own Solar System’, then head over to Find Me a Gift, where you find this amongst other unique, imaginative gift ideas for children and adults alike.

Disclaimer: We were gifted the illuminating solar system in return for this review, but all words and opinions are my own.

Kerry x

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