Easy Halloween Wreaths with Duck Tape

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What better excuse for getting crafty than Halloween! These easy Halloween wreaths are really effective and so simple to create, even for the novice crafter. They can decorate external doorways to welcome trick or treaters, internal doors, or even hang from light fittings as party decorations.

Easy Halloween Wreaths with Duck Tape


The simple basis of these wreaths is a polystyrene half round wreath ring that you can buy from Amazon or other craft shops, wrapped in Duck tape.


Duck tape have a great range of tapes for use in arts and craft projects, as well as their traditional range. They have these great Halloween inspired tapes, and the pumpkin and ghost tapes are even glow in the dark! Perfect for Halloween wreaths. Have a look at their full range here.


What You Will Need

  • Polystyrene half circle wreath
  • Duck tape in chosen design
  • Ribbon or fabric strips
  • Other embellishments of your choice
  • Glue gun is preferable

How You Make Them

  1. The first thing to do is wrap your polystyrene wreath with your chosen Duck tape. For the first one I choose this fab bat design.
  2. Once you have the basic wrapped wreath, you can decorate and embellish it as you wish! This is where you can really let you creativity flow. A hot glue gun to stick your embellishments on is invaluable.
  3. I started with a bow at the bottom made from a strip of black net fabric with silver stars on that I had lying around. I added a sparkly bat at the centre, and further bats around the wreath.  These bats are actually buttons that I saw in my local haberdashery shop.  Equally you could add fake spiders, web, plastic animals or eyeballs, netting, pipe cleaner critters or anything else that you can think of!
  4. I added one of our toilet roll bats to fly in the centre of our wreath. I used double thickness cotton to attach it to the wreath and a long needle and passed the thread through the bat, and then through the wreath ring. Secured at the back with a knot and another blob of glue.Halloween Wreaths
  5. The last thing to do is just use some ribbon to tie round the top so you can attach it to your door.  Again I found this fab Halloween ribbon at my local haberdashery shop, but you could equally use plain ribbon, or another strip of fabric.Halloween wreaths
  6. That’s it! Simple as that.  They can be as extravagant or as simple as you like.

Inspired by Duck tapes Halloween range, I also created this ghost one. The ghost in the middle is really simple to make and you can read about how to do it here. I then glued a little LED light inside the ghost to give an extra eerie edge to it.

I also made this rustic pumpkin wreath with this great glow in the dark tape, a perfect decoration for a Halloween party.

Halloween Wreaths

What do you think of our Halloween wreaths? Is it something you would give a go? Do you love Halloween as much as I do?

Every year I try and have a little Halloween Party, and this year is no exception. These will be great as part of the decorations.

If you would like some more inspiration for some Halloween crafts, then check out and follow our Pinterest board.



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Easy Halloween Wreaths with Duck Tape


Happy Halloween!

Kerry x

Disclaimer: I was gifted the Duck tapes used in these crafts in return for this post. This post also contains an affiliate link.




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