About Me

Hi, I’m Kerry, a 39 year old mummy of two beautiful children and step mum to one.  Since the age of 10 all I wanted to do was be a vet, but having children has changed all that.

After spending most of my adult life focusing on my career, I am now focusing on my family, myself and my blog.

I qualified in 2001, I was very driven and career orientated and didn’t really have any time for any hobbies or past times.  I loved my job, I still do, but there was no balance it was all work, work, work.

That all changed in 2012 with the birth of my daughter Isla.  I realised I actually enjoyed spending time at home just pottering around and being a mum,  and found pleasure in cooking, crafting and gardening. As a result we started to look for a house with a larger garden.

Isla and Oliver

When Isla was 6 months old we found a house in the country with a large garden, the trade off was it was a massive renovation project to change it into the house we wanted.  A few days after our offer was accepted, I found out I was expecting again.  It was a tough call as to whether we went ahead with the purchase, but it was a case of  ‘it’s now or never‘, so we did.

It was hard, I mean really hard. We moved in when Isla was 10 months old and I was 5 months pregnant, and  we all lived in one room for a while.  Oliver was born the following April and, as I was self employed and money was tight, I went back to work when he was just 12 weeks old. It was a dark period for me, and extremely difficult.  James and I worked tirelessly juggling our day jobs, childcare and renovating the house and we were exhausted and almost at breaking point.

2 years ago I decided enough was enough. I felt like I was missing out on seeing my children grow up and had lost myself.  The long 10 hour days of work and the stress of being on call had to go. I decided to hand in my notice and found a position that was just one day a week with no on call.  Between jobs, I realised how much I loved being at home with my children, spending time with my family and I rediscovered my hobbies. The kids and I had great fun making cards, homemade presents and trying new recipes.
Me & James

I started my blog in January 2016, initially as a creative outlet for my recipes, crazy craft ideas and to allow me to indulge in my hobbies a bit more. It soon however became much more than that, and I also discovered a love of writing.

Since then I have left the one day a week position, and now only do freelance second opinion vet work which I schedule around school.  Not only do I get to spend more of my time at home with my babies, I also get more time for me to express my creativity through my blog.

I have become passionate about encouraging creativity and imagination in others, especially in children, whether it be through days out, writing, crafting, cooking or just spending time in the garden. I hope that my blog can act as a source of inspiration and ideas to other like minded mums and individuals, who want to inject some imagination and creation into their family lives.

I would love you to join me on this crazy fun filled journey. We will be doing lots of baking, cooking and creating a long the way in the hope that I can achieve Blissful Domestication!





Kerry x

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About Me

About Me

Hi I'm Kerry, Wife to James, Step Mum to one, Mum to two and more fur, feather and winged babies than I can count. I have a passion for crafts, encouraging creativity and inspiring imagination especially in children. So if you are looking for some inspiration, ideas and resources to inject a little creativity into your family life, then you've come to the right place. Read More


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