Get In Your Garden! Week #20

August 7, 2017 3 Comments

Week #20 already of my Get in Your Garden! guest post series, and this week we look at how you can enjoy the feeling of grass between your toes even if you haven’t got space for a lawn!

Get in Your Garden! Week #20

This week’s guest post is written by Hannah from A New Addition Blog. Hannah is a 26-year-old blogger from the West Midlands. She is a Mama bear to two boisterous bears and suffering daily from Anxiety, Depression and Fibromyalgia. She writes about her personal experiences and how to live life in it’s best form and as our authentic selves.

Hiya, I am Hannah from A New Addition Blog, a personal growth and lifestyle blog. As Kerry’s lovely blog series states, I’m here to show you the way that I changed my garden, for the better, with the help of just £2 and some patience.

The Feel of Grass Between Your Toes

There’s something I have always loved about grass. Ever since I was a small girl I have loved being bare foot and feeling the soft green blades between my toes. When I grew up and had my children, the homes that I have lived in so far, have had a lack of grass. The first being a flat and then our second having a slabbed garden. We have been living in our current house for 6 years. More and more plants I have grown in pots and love having them in my house too. However, still I longed for that grassy feel. Then one night whilst sitting on my garden chair, enjoying the breeze and staring at one of my cracked paving slabs, I had an epiphany.

I began to pull this slab out using a knife and a screwdriver. Yes, bodge jobbing at its best and I released the slab just enough to remove the whole square. I looked at my job well done, there in front of me was a small but perfect square space, deep enough to fill with soil.

I was ecstatic, yes a nature girl can be happy about grass (clearly, I am writing a whole blog post about it). I nipped to £1land and spent £2 on a bag of soil and a box of grass seed.

Just like that my happy grassy story began.

I poured the soil, sprinkled my seeds, covered and watered. I watered every day and nothing happened. At first my seeds gave the impression they were not going to grow, then it grew just around the edges like a monk haircut. Patience ensued and now I have a glorious, green mane flowing in my garden. Just enough to tickle my feet.

The funny thing about this little life hack of mine, is that my family, who thought I was the weirdest ever whilst carrying out my operations, now absolutely love it. My boyfriend enjoys feeling it on his feet, my children use their imagination and go on adventures with their toys. And my cats, well basically the amount of joy it gives to them makes me think maybe I should start pulling up another slab?

If you have a love of grass send me a tweet at @ANewAddition and tell me I’m not alone?

Thank you Hannah, what a great idea if you have a courtyard garden! I have to agree you can’t beat the felling of grass between your toes on a hot Summer’s day.

Hannah has just set up a  Facebook group called the Magic Lamp where you can learn to be the genie in your life and the magic for others. You can also find Hannah on her blog, Facebook , Twitter, and find out how she uses Pinterest for the law of attraction benefits.

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Kerry x



  • Hannah Clementson August 8, 2017 at 10:13 am

    Thank you so much for featuring me, I hope everyone loves my little square of grass! xx

  • Kathleen Calado October 9, 2017 at 3:32 am

    Been a fan of your garden week for quite some time now and always looking forward to more if it! I wish more luck on your gardening and keep up the great work always! 🙂

    • Kerry October 9, 2017 at 11:06 am

      Thank you! I will be restarting my Get in Your Garden guest post series in March next year, but there will be the odd garden related post between now and then.

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