Raspberry Jam Recipe

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Raspberry Jam

If your a regular to my blog you will know that I love to make jam, and I often enter it into our local horticultural shows.  This recipe hasn’t failed me yet, winning first place in every class I’ve entered it in. It really does make a lovely raspberry jam.

Raspberry Jam

Raspberry Jam Recipe

Previous years I have used home grown raspberries.  However this year due to the fact that the kids picked and ate most of my home grown crop! I had to buy some in.  We visited our local PYO fruit farm, which was incredible and got a bumper punnet of raspberries amongst other fruit to turn into jam.

There is a bit of a knack to jam making, but once you’ve done it a few times it can be really rewarding.


These quantities made about 2 1/2 lb jars. 2 entries into our local horticultural shows, and half a jar for us to enjoy!

  • 1 1/2 lb raspberries washed and de-husked
  • 1 1/2 lb granulated sugar
  • Water

How To Make It

  1. Put the raspberries in a pan with a small amount of water and heat gently on a low heat until the fruit is soft.
  2. Add the sugar and increase the heat slightly, stirring until it’s completely dissolved and no longer has a grainy texture.
  3. Turn up the heat and boil fast to set! This should be a full rolling boil. To check if you have reached the setting point pop a plate in the freezer before you start.  When you think it’s ready, pop a little blob onto the cold plate, give it a few seconds and then touch it. It should wrinkle when you touch the surface, and if you run your finger through the centre of the jam blob it should stay there and not merge back (does that make sense?). If it’s not ready return the jam to the heat and re-test in 3 minutes until you get to the setting point.
  4. When it’s ready, transfer to sterilised jam jars (see tips later), use a clean cloth to wipe the rim and apply wax discs.
  5. When cooled, add cellophane lids, sprinkle water on top to add to shrinkage and apply elastic band. They are now ready for labelling, and you can add a fabric top if you wish.
  6. That’s it, enjoy!

Raspberry Jam

Raspberry jam is great on toast, crumpets, in a Victoria Sandwich and of course as part of a cream tea. Yum!

Raspberry Jam

My Jam Making Tips

As I have said before I am no professional jam maker, and do it purely as a hobby. However, in making jams I have learn’t a few tricks to make the process a bit easier so here are my tips.

  • Sterilising jars- I tend to wash mine in the dishwasher at high temperature, and then I use my old bottle steriliser from when the kids were babies to sterilise my jam jars. Alternatively you can wash them and heat them in the oven (although I have no experience of this)
  • You can fill jars the hard way with a spoon but it is is messy. A jam funnel makes the process a lot easier. It’s a cheap investment if you are going to make more than one batch of jam in your lifetime.
  • You can buy wax discs and cellophane covers from many outlets now including the larger supermarkets. I usually head to Amazon as I buy in bulk, but I recently found a pretty fabric lid set which including labels and everything you need (bar the jars) from Hobbycraft.
  • When the jam is boiling it tends to spit, and molten sugar is hot! I wear a single over glove on my stirring hand which makes the process more comfortable. It’s also important to keep the kids well away when doing this part.
  • Once you’ve got the hang of jam making, the world is your oyster! Same quantity of fruit to sugar and there you have it. You can get a little adventurous and try different fruit combinations, or add spices, chilli or even alcohol.
  • Some fruit is low in pectin and needs pectin added (I have no experience of adding pectin). You can use jam sugar which has pectin in, or I tend to add lemon juice.
    Last tip. Clean any splashes from your stove whilst still warm. Set jam on hobs is not easy to get off!!
    NB. I am a home cook, and have had no formal training in preparing food. So these are just recipes that I use at home for the family. Whilst I have taken time to try and be as accurate as possible, some of the quantities are approximate. I am always keen to learn, so if you think the recipe can be improved upon please take the time to comment below. I also love seeing your versions.

Kerry x

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