Get In Your Garden! Week #10

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With June just around the corner, we are already at week #10 of my Get in Your Garden! Guest post series.  We all know gardening is good for our kids to get involved in, but how do you get them to WANT to get stuck in? Do you need some tips to get your kids involved in the gardening?

Get in Your Garden! #Week 10

This week’s post is from Ann at the Sumo Gardener and is all about giving you some tips on how to get kids more involved in the garden. So I will hand over to Ann…

I’m Ann, I have dedicated most of my life in gardening. This is a subject I enjoy the most. I have been a fan of flowers and plants ever since I was a kid.

I committed to developing my website, Sumo Gardener, to be the best guidance when it comes to taking care of flowers and plants. I am trying my best to be well-versed with plants found in desert areas, tropics or Mediterranean. I still need to be knowledgeable about so many kinds of botanical life.

5 Best Tips for Gardening with Kids

Kids are great companions in the garden but admit it; it’s not that easy to convince them to join you. That is why you are probably wondering as to how you can make the kids go with you. Fortunately, there are tips on how you can make gardening welcoming to the children. These tips will not only make them go with you but will surely make them stay.

So before talking about the five best tips for gardening with kids, it would be best to speak about the different benefits that gardening can do to kids. No matter what age they are, they will surely benefit from gardening. Below are some of the advantages that they can reap from gardening.

Gardening Benefits for Kids

Enhances the Senses

Kids will have the ability to learn more when all of their senses are engaged. When it comes to gardening, kids will have the capacity to feel and touch the flowers, seeds, and the first. They will also see the different colors and the sizes of various plants, thus hearing the sound of the vegetables being harvested from its plant. Another sense that will be activated is the smell since plants have a unique scent that they will surely love to smell.

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Scientific Concepts

Kids will also get to learn some scientific concepts since this type of science is the most fun way to introduce the subject to your children. Typically, when a kid plants the seed, he will get curious as to what will happen next. He will then starts making his hypothesis and monitor each day’s progress. As the gets older, he will learn about the sunlight’s impact and how the water will help the plant’s growth.

Teaches them how to be Responsible

One of the best ways to teach kids about how to be responsible is through gardening. You will teach your children the importance of taking care of the seeds that they have planted. You can help your kids by creating a list where they can check whether they have already done that particular task for the day.


Now that you know the different benefits of letting your kids join you in the garden, it is now time for you to know the five best tips for gardening with kids.

1. Planting Some Flowers

The first thing that you need to do is to make sure that your garden needs to look attractive to your kids. You can do this by planting some flowers as this will add vibrant colors to your garden. You can plant some marigolds, borage, sage, nasturtiums, sunflowers, cosmos, and zinnias.

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2. Grow Edible Plants

Another thing that you need to do is to let them grow plants that can be eaten right away. Of course, you need to choose plants that are perfect for their tastes, such as grapes, strawberries, raspberries, sweet peppers, tomatoes, and cherries. You can wash them off with fresh water before letting the kids eat them.

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3.Let them Choose the Seeds

Your kids will surely love it if they can pick the seeds from the catalogs that you have. Check for some lists that have different seeds and the ones that have the ability to produce varieties that are interesting. Show them the seeds for purple haze carrots and moons and stars watermelon, and they will surely be interested in planting the seeds immediately.

4.Involve them in Preparing Meals

When it is time to prepare your meals for the day, it would be nice to let them get involved, by asking them to get certain plants in the garden that they have planted. You can ask them to get some herbs for you or get some tomatoes to add to the salad that you are preparing.

5.Add Crafts for Kids

Lastly, you can add some crafts that your children can do, such as painting stones or labeling the pots in the garden under their name and the name of the seed that they have planted.


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These are the five best tips for gardening with kids that will surely make gardening inviting and exciting for them. Don’t forget to do the difficult tasks instead of them, such as removing pokeweed. You can teach them this at a later time, once they get hooked with gardening.


Thanks Ann, some great tips to get the kids out in and involved in the garden. I definitely think growing edible plants is such a great way to teach children about gardening and food!

If you are enjoying this series, don’t forget to fill in your e-mail address below and I’ll let you know when a new post is published. If you would like to feature in this series, then please get in it touch!

Kerry x

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