Get in Your Garden! Week #8


After a week’s break from my Get in Your Garden! Guest post series due to the lurgy, we are back with week #8.  This week it’s all about getting the kids involved with growing your own veggies, and this week’s post shows us that you really don’t need a large garden to do it.

Get in Your Garden! Week #8

This week’s post is bought to you by Amy from Eps and Amy blog.  So without further a do I will hand over to Amy…..

Hi I’m Amy, I live in West Sussex with my hubby of nearly 10 years, 2 kiddies (Bethany, 8 and Jack, 5), a dog, a cat, fish and 2 bunnies.  I enjoy pole fitness, running and crochet (an interesting mix I know!).

I started blogging at Eps and Amy blog 6 months ago with my best buddy Epril.  Our blog specialises in UK parenting and lifestyle posts and product reviews. We love bargain hunting and a great way of saving a bit of money is growing your own vegetables. I love including the children as I think it is a valuable life skill.

Growing Your Own- Getting the Kids Involved

We have a really small garden and don’t really have much space for veggies, so we grow them in containers around by the garage and in grow bags.

We put potatoes in a small yellow wheelie bin and got a fab selection of tatties from it.

Normally we start our veggies off inside in small pots and propagators, the children do the planting and love watching them start to sprout.

When they are big enough we transplant them into the garden and the kids then spend ages every morning watering them lol.

We grow carrots and parsnips most years and tomatoes and potatoes are easy too. I like to use fresh herbs in my cooking so we grow these in pots which we keep in the kitchen.

The kids also help me pick the veg once they are grown and prepare them for dinner. I see these as vital skills for when the kids are older.
We use a special knife which can’t cut their fingers, but cuts veg nicely!


Thanks Amy. I am a firm believer in getting the kids involved with growing your own produce, even if it is just a few containers. This gives some great ideas of how you can still grow your own even if you have a small garden.  I really need to get my kids one of those knives!

You can check out Amy’s blog, Eps and Amy, follow them on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

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Kerry x

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