How to Grow Your Own Cress Egg Heads

Cress Egg Heads

This is lovely activity for the kids to do. It involves two of my favourite things: crafting and growing plants from seed. Making these cute Cress Egg Heads is a really cool way to introduce the concept of food growing from seeds to our children. You can do this activity all year round, and as it only requires a small area of your windowsill it is something everyone can do.

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Get in Your Garden! Week #13

We have been blessed with some gorgeous weather lately, and Summer has definitely arrived! This weekend it’s been all about the garden for us. On Saturday I went to Gardener’s World Live, which was fab and full of garden inspiration and yesterday we spent the entire day outside.  This week’s guest post is all about enjoying your garden and making the most of it.

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Get in Your Garden! Week #6

I’ve always assumed that it’s good for my children to spend time outside and in the garden, and I have encouraged them to participate as much as possible. I believe that it’s important for them to embrace nature and see how plants grow, and how they can give us food.  Turns out there’s some science behind it proving what I have assumed all along.

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Get in Your Garden! Week #4

Get In Your Garden

Welcome to week 4 of my Get in Your Garden! Guest post series. The weather has been glorious the last few days and it’s a great time to get the kids away from the TV, laptop or whatever electronic device that has their attention , and get them out into the garden.  If you need more inspiration why you and the rest of the family should spend more time outside then read on………

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