DIY Twine Easter Egg Decorations

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Twine Easter Egg Decorations

Look at these cute Twine Easter Egg Decorations, perfect to decorate your house at Easter, or as a colourful addition to an Easter basket. They are really simple to make, and a craft you can enjoy with the children.

Over the past few years I have enjoyed decorating our house for different festivities. Obviously we do it at Christmas, but I also like to dress it up at Halloween and more recently Easter. I also enjoy making the decorations myself, any old excuse to get crafting again! This little craft project is a lot of fun, and one you can enjoy with the kids.

Last year I made a Twine Heart in a very similar fashion, and was really pleased with the result. (So much so they may appear at my upcoming wedding!). When I saw the fantastic range of brightly coloured twine at Hobbycraft then I knew I wanted to adapt my method and make Twine Easter Egg Decorations in various colours.

So if you would like to try your hand at making your own Twine Easter Eggs then read on, or why don’t you pin it for later!

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What You Will Need

How You Make Twine Easter Egg Decorations

  1. First blow up your balloon. I used water balloons because they are small, and quite egg shaped when fully inflated.
  2. Add some Mod Podge to your bowl, and a splash of water to it. Mix well.
  3. Unravel some twine, and put it in the bowl covering well with the diluted Mod Podge. If you keep the end on the side, and don’t put too much in at a time as it will knot. I kept it attached to the reel, so I could add more to the bowl as necessary.
  4. Now this is the bit where there is a bit of a knack to it. It is also the messy (and fun) part! Secure the end of the twine by wrapping it around the balloon knot. Hold the balloon in one hand, and with the other hand wrap the twine around the balloon. As you do this squeeze the twine to remove excess glue mixture.  It is also easier to go from top to bottom all the way round the balloon, then go side to side, but there isn’t a correct pattern to follow. I think the more haphazard they are the better.

  5. When you have finished winding the twine around the balloon, cut off your twine from the reel, and secure the end at the top by tucking under another piece.
  6. Leave to dry, ideally overnight.
  7. When completely dry you can pop the balloon and carefully peel it away. Glue remnants can be tidied up using some tweezers and some small nail scissors.
  8. That’s it, Twine Easter egg Decorations. You can also add ribbon, or bows as you wish.Twine Easter egg Decorations

I also made some smaller Twine Easter eggs to decorate our easter tree. These were made in exactly the same way, but I used normal balloons, with only enough air in them to make them egg shaped. Doing them smaller does make the craft a bit more fiddly, and you do end up with more glue residue on the balloon to clean up at the end. Once they were dry, I added a loop of twine to hang them, and a pretty bow made from Easter ribbon.

Twine Easter egg DecorationsSo what do you think of our Twine Easter Egg Decorations? Do you decorate your house at Easter? and do you like me enjoy making your own decorations?

I love to hear ALL your feedback on my crafts, and if you never want to miss one of our posts, enter your e-mail address below for our weekly newsletter.

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Kerry x

Disclaimer: I received these craft products free of charge from Hobbycraft, with the purpose of producing this craft post.

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