Deep Space Home Planetarium: A Review

April 30, 2018 2 Comments
Deep Space Home Planetarium

Since Oliver started school he has been obsessed with all things space. So I promised him that I would redecorate his bedroom and turn it into an ‘Outer Space’ room any budding astronaught would be proud of. As part of the room makeover I was on the look out for some products to make it truly feel out of this world, when I came across this fab Deep Space Home Planetarium and Projector.

We were lucky enough to be sent a Deep Space Home Planetarium and Projector from the lovely people at Find Me a Gift. The Planetarium was from Brainstorm toys. We already had their ‘My Very Own Solar System‘ (which Oliver absolutely loves!), so we were already confident with the quality of the product.


The planetarium was a simple but clever design. Robust enough to withstand even my bulldozer of a son, and simple to use. It was also very versatile and could be used as a planetarium, projector or as a simple night light.

At the top is the planetarium part. It comes with three domes- a larger blue dome which can be used on it’s own as a nightlight; and two smaller black domes. One black dome was of the stars, and the other of star constellations. The black domes could be used on their own, or could be used under the blue dome as a night light as well.

Oliver loved the stars and the constellations. It really did transform his room and was perfect to get that outer space feel. He quickly pointed out the ‘Big Dipper’, which I then had to look up in the information book that comes with it. Guess what, he was right! At 5-years old he knows more about space than I do!


Excuse the poor quality focus, but this is best appreciated in the dark!


The planetarium can turn 360 degrees on it’s stand and the other end is a projector. It comes with 3 projector discs containing a total of 24 photos. The photos can then be projected on the wall with a simple switch of a button, and manually rotating the disc. You can make them larger by moving the projector away from the wall, and there is a simple twist focus.


Image of Saturn’s System (a montage of images taken by NASA)


I found these fascinating myself, from pictures of the planets and moon; spacecrafts and astronauts to nebulae (which are huge interstellar clouds of dust, plasma and gas apparently!). Thankfully the book explains each photo, so I didn’t have to look too clueless.


What We Thought Of The Deep Space Home Planetarium

Oliver is clearly smitten. I think it goes perfectly with his new bedroom and is great for making it feel interstellar. On the first night (and everyone since) he had it as a nightlight. The gently rotating stars I think are quite soothing, and he was asleep within minutes.

I also love it. It’s very simple in design and easy to use,  perfect for Oliver who is just 5-years old. I love the fact that it is also educational, and allows him to let his imagination wander into deep space. I even learnt a thing or two!



I would definitely recommend the Deep Space Home Planetarium and Projector, especially if you have a little space enthusiast. Even if you don’t, this is sure to spark their interest and imagination.



If you also have a space mad budding astronaught in the midst, then head over to Find Me a Gift, where they have a range of space inspired toys and gadgets amongst other unique, imaginative gift ideas for children and adults alike.


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Disclaimer: We were gifted the Deep Space Home Planetarium in return for this review, but all words and opinions are my own.

Kerry x


  • Julie April 30, 2018 at 5:54 pm

    I can’t wait to have a peek at the finished room and the planetarium. ☺

    • Kerry May 2, 2018 at 12:03 pm

      It’s nearly done! I will let you know x

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