Iron On Name Labels for Kids from Dinkleboo.

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Iron On Name Labels

It’s that time of year again, the summer holiday is all but over. Lots of parents, including myself, have the unenviable task of labelling the new school uniform. But it needn’t be a headache! I discovered these fab iron on name labels last year from Dinkleboo, and I am going to be using them again this year. Easy to apply, last longer than the clothes they’re attached too, and the only decent labels I’ve found that allow you to include a phone number.

Dinkleboo are an Australian based company that produce lots of fun personalised goods for children including books, canvas prints, bags, photo blankets and other children’s toys.  They also produce heat sensitive vinyl iron on name labels, perfect for labelling your children’s school uniforms and other belongings.

I discovered Dinkleboo last year when my daughter started school. It was an ad I saw randomly on- line.  The things that initially attracted me to them was the fun colourful designs, and the fact that you could add your phone number to the label.  This appealed to me for a couple of reasons. Number 1, because my kids were forever leaving their stuff everywhere and not just at preschool and nursery! We would loose stuff at the zoo, local soft play centre (yes I still go to them!), playgrounds, swimming pool, you name it we’ve left something there!  The phone number means that not only does an item get to lost property, but someone might actually ring you about it (I have been previously rung before I’d even realised something was missing!).  Number 2, although my children are too young to remember any significant phone numbers, I have been able to teach them that if they get lost or wander off and loose mummy that they can go to a responsible adult and ask them to ring the number in their coat.

Although an Australian based company, Dinkleboo deliver worldwide.  Just expect slightly longer delivery times to the UK (a few weeks). The labels are easy to apply, just ironing them on with a bit of greaseproof paper between iron and label. I have even used my hair straighteners when I’ve been unorganised and short of time! (Important mum hack!)

Iron On Name Labels

As I’ve said before I have used these labels for just over a year now, and the labels have outlived the clothes.  They are all still firmly attached to the uniform that Isla has worn over the last school year, being washed at least once a week.

The Dinkleboo website is very user friendly. With the name labels you just choose your design, then customise as you wish and you can preview your completed design before you purchase.

I was so impressed with using Dinkleboo iron on name labels last year that I approached them this year to collaborate with them on this review.

Dinkleboo are offering my lovely readers a MASSIVE 70% OFF! , just pop along to their website and enter the code RC17* at the check out.

What do you think of the Dinkleboo labels? Have you found any others that you can add phone numbers to? Do you think it’s a useful thing to have on name labels?

Kerry x

Disclaimer: I was gifted 2 sets of personalised name labels in return for this review, but all opinions and words are my own.

*Terms and conditions apply, and not to be used in conjunction with any other offer or promotion.

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