Top 5 Incredible Beaches to Visit in Kefalonia- Guest Post by Spinnin Plates

June 11, 2018 1 Comment
Beaches in Kefalonia

With the summer holidays just around the corner, I find my mind wandering and dreaming of exotic holiday locations. So, this week I am featuring several guest posts to wet your appetite and give you the travel bug.  First is from Nicky, from Spinnin plates, with some amazing beaches to visit on the Greek island of Kefalonia.

Nicky’s blog, Spinnin Plates, is all about helping busy mums create a calm, organised life, so they can feel less stressed and can enjoy more quality time with their family. I think sitting on any one of the beaches she mentions here would instantly make me feel less stressed! However, her blog is full of inspiration and advice to achieve all that without stepping on a plane.

If you like me dare to dream of holidays and gorgeous beaches, then read on, you’ll enjoy this!


Top 5 Incredible Beaches to Visit in Kefalonia


The weather has been much kinder to us here in the UK recently, but you might be starting to look at your travel plans, and a little further afield for some guaranteed warmer weather and incredible beaches.

Hopefully, this will inspire you to try the stunning Greek Island of Kefalonia. From one end of the emerald water to the other, the idyllic beaches that surround Kefalonia give you a world-famous holiday experience. It’s not only the bright light that floods the sea and sky, or the historical ruins and pure nature but the remarkable atmosphere and beaches it offers.

Look at photographs of the beach you are going to lay on (and plan your holiday outfits to boot); check out the online menus of the recommended local restaurants; plan day trips to the beautiful beaches; make mental notes of the jaw-dropping scenery… your holiday is at your fingertips. I hope this will be temping enough for you to visit!

I’ve been fortunate enough to travel to several of the Greek Islands, including Corfu and Crete.  But none were quite as captivating as Kefalonia.  All three completely unique from the others but still with the wonderful warmth of the locals and weather are found on every island.


Here are my Top 5 Incredible Beaches to Visit in Kefalonia


#1 Lourdas Beach


We were based at FZEEN an adult only retreat in Kefalonia, which was in the mountain overlooking Lourdas Beach.

I loved the beach at Lourdas and sea was a beautiful and perfect for snorkelling.



Sun beds and umbrellas are available for hire at most of the restaurants on the other side of the very quiet beach road.  Every visit we enjoyed a lovely breeze to cool you down in the Greek sunshine. It has a stunning mountain backdrop, gardens full of veg, fruit and cooking herbs. For food there are delicious tavernas, snack bars and a mini market.  Lastly, but very importantly, at the far end of the beach near the fishing trawlers, is a wonderful fishing taverna.  Here you will find no menu, apart from catch of the day.  Fresher than fresh and simply divine!


 #2 Skala


The fishing village of Skala hosts a large, sandy beach within a walking distance from its port. Organized and clean, this is a lovely spot for family holidays.

You can find good fresh food simply cooked — fish caught that morning, or one of the island’s goats marinated in local olive oil and herbs from the hills then grilled over an open fire.

Skalia is a wealthy area, and eating is a little pricey, as are the shops, but we returned again and again because you cannot help but fall in love with the area, the beauty and the people.


#3 Foki Beach


Foki is a small beach with large stones and crystal water.  Surrounded by much greenery, Foki is a picturesque place to relax. We went snorkelling on our visit and it’s beautifully crisp, clear waters were abundant with fish willing to say hello!  We also found the most wonderful shells, most still housing their owners!

You will find the beach to the north of Argostoli. It’s not sandy, but easy to access the shallow water which then drops off 20-30 feet in. We took a pop-up tent for both changing in and to allow us some shade from the midday sun. There is a taverna nearby to enjoy on your visit.


 #4 Fiskardo Beach


A wonderful beach to see a mix of old Greece and Luxury Yachts and Wealth.  To sit and watch the world go by in this tranquil village is a treat.  And if you want a closer look at those yachts I suggest you have your binoculars at the ready – they are impressive!



If you can extend your stay into the evening, Fiskardo takes on a life of its own, with beautiful lighting and the addictive Mediterranean atmosphere is all absorbing.


#5 Myrtos Beach


Finally, the incredibly and most noteworthy Myrtos Beach.  Having travelled far and wide over the last 30 years, this is up there on my list of outstanding beaches.  Only loosing a few points as it’s tricky to walk into the water in bare feet with the large pebbles and larger waves, but worth every ouchy footstep to see its beauty!



Myrtos is the most famous and beautiful beach in Kefalonia. It is a large coast with turquoise water and white sand, surrounded by steep cliffs.  Completely stunning!


Top Tip Eatery:


We researched out of the way places to eat for lunch.  Searching out these ‘off the beaten track’ eateries made our trip super special and added to our memories.


The view from Kastro Cafe


Special mention to the Kastro Cafe, an incredible family run café, with draw dropping views that’s a must visit for lunch, and their Baklava!  It has a 5* rating on Trip Advisor and you’ll understand why when you visit.

If you visit, enjoy every moment!




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  • Nicky June 11, 2018 at 12:27 pm

    Thanks for giving me the pleasure of guest posting for you Kerry! x

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