5 Things You Have to Do in Thailand

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Following on our guest post week, today we are featuring a more exotic location, Thailand.  Somewhere I’ve always wanted to travel to, and well and truly on on my bucket list.

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5 Things You Have to Do in Thailand

Thailand is without a doubt one of the world’s hotspots for tourism—but if it’s your first time visiting the country, you may be at a loss as to what you should do and see. Here’s just five things to add to your itinerary.


Try the Street Food

You simply cannot visit Thailand without grabbing some street food during your stay. It’s prevalent in many of the country’s big towns and cities, from Bangkok to Phuket and beyond—and the dishes are almost always flavourful and hearty.



Pad thai is perhaps the most common choice, as recommended by 1Cover, but there are countless dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner to consider. For a quick bite, kai jeow may be your best bet (a Thai omelette over rice), but for a filling main meal, guay teow (noodle soup) will almost certainly hit the spot.


Explore Bangkok

Sure, it may be the typical place to go, but it’s for a reason—Bangkok is the capital city of Thailand, and so it goes without saying it boasts an unparalleled amount of things to do and see. From river cruises at sunset to the majestic Grand Palace and its surrounding gardens, it’s one of the world’s most important and diverse cities.



Although it’ll be hard to fit everything in, there are some things you simply need to do in Bangkok. Visiting the aforementioned Grand Palace is one of them—formerly the home of the country’s king, it’s perhaps the most important building in the entirety of Thailand. Elsewhere, Chinatown makes for one of the most unique and culturally heavy locations you may ever visit.


Meet the Elephants in Chiang Mai

Although questions have been raised in regard to the treatment of animals in Thailand—especially in its animal sanctuaries—the Elephant Rescue Park in Chiang Mai is known for being a trustworthy and caring establishment towards its beautiful animals.



You can’t ride the elephants here (unsurprisingly), but you do get to feed and bathe them, as well as walk alongside them. It’s one of the most special—and most spiritual—experiences you’re likely to ever have, and it’s a great example of Thailand’s magic.


Visit Some Temples

Thailand’s spirituality is prominent in its temples. And they’re not exactly few and far between—throughout the country there are beautiful temples to be discovered, from Bangkok to Ban Pom.



They’re all striking in their designs, too. Wat Rong Khun, located in Pa O Don Chai, is perhaps the most popular of them all with its gorgeous white architecture and intricate detailing throughout.


Go Diving

If there’s any place to try scuba diving, it’s in Thailand. Koh Tao is one of the most popular locations for it, with countless species of fish and sea creatures underneath the surface to be discovered.



Once you’ve learned to dive here, an added bonus is that you’ll be able to do it anywhere else in the world—and Thailand isn’t a bad place to start. Best of all, you’ll be able to have a professional photographer to capture pictures of the moment.

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