Ten Things That Make Me Happy

July 13, 2017 1 Comment

Ten things that make me happy? Hmmm, there lots of things that make me happy, can I narrow it down to just ten? I loved writing this post! I think we all get dragged down by the mundane parts of day to day life, and thinking about what makes us happy is good for the soul.  It makes you evaluate your life, and made me realise that I have so much to be happy and grateful for!

I was tagged in the 10 things that make me happy tag by the lovely Heidi over at Southern Mummy, and you can read her post here.  When I started thinking about it I actually have lots of things that are me happy, so narrowing it down to just 10 is actually quite difficult!

My Children

I’m sure this is on most mums list!  My children including Jasmine make me unbelievably happy.  They are my world, and my life literally revolves around them. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes they infuriate me! but on the whole they make me smile, and when I am sad I just remember how lucky I am to have these crazy kids in my life.

My Partner

James is my rock and my best friend. Without him I would be a complete crumbling mess.  Again just like the kids he can be infuriating at times, very grumpy and a pain in the bum!  But I love him and he makes me smile.  He can make me laugh like no one else, and occasionally surprises me with really thoughtful gestures.  They are rare but they make me smile.

Mr Ripley

Mr Ripley is my slightly strange Siamese cat named after the Alien films, and my fur baby. He is 14 now, and when I lived on my own it was just me and him.  I had him from a very small kitten.  He was born with a congenital defect that meant his right nostril and nasal cavity didn’t develop properly, so has a permanently gunky eye and snuffly nose.  He also had several behavioural issues, mainly likes to pee and poo wherever he feels like it!! Not all the time I might add but just every now and then to annoy me.  It’s a good job I love him so much! He is also very sweet, and doesn’t fail to greet me when I come home, and follows me everywhere.  If I sit down, he is immediately on my lap, and he sleeps by my feet every night.  He isn’t everyones cup of tea, and him and James have a love/hate relationship, but he makes me happy.

My Animals

I have always loved animals.  As a kid I grew up on a small holding and ran my own rabbit holiday home! It’s no wonder that I became a vet.  Animals will always be part of my life and I love them.  I fee very calm when I have my furry babies around me.  Other than Mr Ripley, I just have 6 rabbits (all rescue of course), but we intend to add to our animal brood and hope to get chickens and a puppy this year, and that makes me very happy!

The Sun Shining

I don’t have SAD (seasonal affective disorder), but I am definitely happier when the sun is shining.  In the mornings it seems to give me extra energy, and generally lifts my mood. I am sure I am not only one, a little bit of sunshine seems to lift everyones spirits.

My Garden

Since moving to our house in the country 4 years ago, I have developed a passion for gardening.  I particularly enjoy growing my own fruit and vegetables.  It still amazes me that you can put this little seed in some earth, and a few months later you have grown something you can have for your dinner!  It gives me great pleasure making Jam from home grown produce or going outside to pick our salad for dinner.

Holidays with My Family

Everyone loves a holiday, and generally like most people I’m sure, I am happiest when on holiday.  Some of my best holidays have been recently with James and the kids and my family: Mum, Dad and my Brother and his family.  We are all at our most relaxed and best when we are together on holiday, which means we have a great time and make some fantastic memories.

Getting My House Finished

This is a funny one, but we have been renovating and extended our house for what seems like forever.  It has nearly broken us financially and emotionally.  Whilst everything has been on hold for the past 18 moths due to lack of time and money, a recent remortgage has given us the cash injection needed to finally finish.  So whilst generally I am sick to death of the house renovation project, seeing things get get done is great.  All those niggley unfinished jobs that have been bugging me and now going to get done, and with everyone task we complete I feel a little happier.  The promise of my new patio and decking area also helps with that!

Listening to Music

I have always found listening to music very emotive, and it can greatly affect my mood.  Equally I seem drawn to certain types of music depending on how I feel.  I like alsorts, but at the moment I am enjoying Little Mix, Ed Sheehan, Taylor Swift and Paloma Faith.

Getting Creative

I love being creative, which is one of the reasons I started this blog in the first place. With the kids I spend a lot of time baking and crafting and trying to encourage their creativity. They enjoy it and so do I, despite the mess! However when I am on my own I can get completely lost in my own crafting.  I love ceramics, and playing with clay and thinking of new projects to try.  My kiln has been out of action for a few years now, so it’s been a while, but I can’t wait to get back into it.

So that’s it. My ten things that make me happy.  I could go on and on, now I am thinking about it there are lots of things that make me happy. Walking on a beach, swimming in the sea, picnics, bike rides, eating in fancy restaurants, wearing perfume etc etc

What would yours be?

I now tag these lovely people to write about what makes them happy?

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Kerry x

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  • Heidi Brown July 28, 2017 at 6:48 pm

    Love this a fellow Siamese cat lover (well mines an oriental but he is basically a brown siamese!), Love his name too!! x

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