Get In Your Garden! Week #17

July 17, 2017 1 Comment

Festival season is truly upon us.  I have been to a few festivals in the past pre-children, but have yet to brave them with the kids. It maybe something we look at when the kids are older. If you like me love the festival vibe, but going with the children isn’t an option, why not create a mini festival in your own back garden? This weeks guest post is all about hosting your own mini festival.

Get in Your Garden! Week #17

This week’s guest post is written by Ann from Rainbows Are Too Beautiful, and all about how they made their own mini festival in their back garden.

Rainbows are too beautiful, I can’t look at them,” said Anthony. Ann’s family often see and experience things a little differently. This is Ann’s inspiration for her parenting blog that’s full of stories, activities, opinion and support from a mum of autistic and neurotypical kids.

Making our own mini festival

Finally the summer weather has arrived. We are enjoying the good weather along with the many folks who have been going to music festivals this year. The kids have seen Glastonbury on the TV and there’s still plenty of festivals about, but in all honesty, big festivals are currently not something we could consider going to. Instead, we decided to have a little mini festival in our own garden.

The big festivals are currently too chaotic for our kids. There’s no control over the things that could potentially upset or possibly even worse, entice our autistic kids. Anthony has recently got over his fears of fireworks, which is great, but can still be upset by loud noises or music that can go on really late. David loves light shows, possibly to the point of not understanding that he can’t just wonder off and follow them and he has no clue that things on stalls are to be purchased not just picked up and run off with. And then we have our youngest, Jane. She is four years old and desperate to have fun in the sun, with birthday parties being the second most popular past time. The solution… starting them off with a mini festival in our own garden.

So what did we do?

  • We put up bunting around the garden
  • Planted a flag in the bushes
  • Played hide and seek and made a little den in the bushes
  • Made a pretend campfire using sticks
  • Had a picnic
  • Danced to music

This was great because we could go with an activity for as long as the kids were interested. We could control things like volume and even get the kids to pick their own music. Jane can dance to the Trolls Justin Timberlake song and Anthony can have the Guardians of the Galaxy mix tape. And if David needs to sit out making a campfire and play on his own instead, that’s fine too. We ate, danced and played all afternoon. It’s all exposure and family fun at the same time.

The ultimate would be to camp out in the garden too. Our tent basically takes up the entire garden so that might be a follow-on task for us. The best thing about the activity though is if we want to have a mini-festival every week, then that’s what we can have.

What would you do for your own mini festival?

Thank you Ann, I love the idea of having a mini festival in the back garden, and am going to use some of your ideas at our forthcoming BBQ.

You can see more of what Ann and her family get up to at her blog, on TwitterInstagramFacebook, and Pinterest.

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1 Comment

  • Amy @ Arty apple July 18, 2017 at 7:34 am

    What a fantastic idea. I can imagine my two would love this x

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