Peg and Pipe Cleaner Crocodiles

Peg Crocodiles

This is a great rainy day craft to get the kids involved with, using simple craft materials that you may have lying around.  The kids loved getting involved and loved playing with their little snappy crocodiles at the end of it. I just need to  think of more animals we can make!

Peg and Pipe Cleaner Crocodiles

Peg crocodiles

So when it’s a miserable day outside, and you can’t be bothered to venture out, what do you do? In our house it’s a case of getting out the craft boxes and seeing what we can create.  This time we decided on using some simple items in our craft box to make these cute little snappy peg and pipe cleaner crocodiles.

What You Will Need

  • Sharpie pens or paint (see later!)
  • Wooden clothes pegs
  • Googley eyes!
  • Green pipe cleaners

Peg crocodiles

How to do it!

  1. The first thing we set out to do was paint our clothes pegs green.  The kids loved doing this.  However there was a problem.  Paint generally takes time to dry which meant the kids lost interest in the activity pretty quickly. Plan B was set in the action.  We used coloured sharpie markers to colour in the pegs.  I found this easier than the paint to use if i’m honest.  However you can’t help getting it over your hands (me included), and this may not be an ideal method if you have very young children. If you are planning to do this with very young children I would suggest you paint the pegs the day before, or buy coloured pegs.
  2. So when we decided on doing it with the sharpie markers we started by colouring in a tongue with a red marker on the opening (see picture), and then drawing teeth with the black marker.  The rest of the peg was coloured in green.  If you are painting them, I would paint them first, then use the marker pens to draw in the mouth details after they were dry.
  3. Start with half of a green pipe cleaner for the head and wind it round on the top half of the peg near the hinge, twisting the two ends at the top (see picture).
  4. Then use 2 full pipe cleaners for legs, wrapping them around the bottom part of the peg, one in front of the hinge and one behind, shaping them into legs (again see picture)
  5. Stick 2 googley eyes onto the head pipe cleaner using gloopey glue (PVA) or a glue gun if you have one (adults only!).
  6. That’s it!  Your finished snappy peg and pipe cleaner crocodiles are ready for action!

Now I just need to design some other animals to make with pipe cleaners and pegs.  Oliver is keen on making a dragon, so I will do my best! I think a butterfly or chamaleon might be easier to master.  If you have any suggestions I would be glad to hear them!

If you give this a go, please send or tweet me a pic!


Kerry x

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