Blogging: My First 3 Months


So I started blogging just over 3 months ago, and what a whirlwind it has been so far and this is only the start! So I thought I would share my experiences of my first 3 months of blogging, and what a steep learning curve it has been.

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Party Pressure

Superhero Cake

My little baby boy turns 3 tomorrow (can’t believe it!) and we had a little party for him today. I say little party, but the amount of preparation and pressure building up to the party was unreal. I have a feeling though that the pressure to have the perfect party is only going to get worse as the kids get older! Here’s how our little party went today..

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Making Humpty Dumpty

Humpty Dumpty

This is an easy craft idea for decorating blown eggs as Humpty Dumpty.  Something fun that the kids can do which doesn’t involve chocolate over the Easter period! Best to leave the blowing of the eggs to an adult or older children though as it can be a bit tricky. View Post

Do you like my blog?

MAD Blog BiB Awards

So as most of you are aware tis’ the season of Blog Awards, and in particular the Tots 100 MAD Blog Awards (Mum And Dad awards) and BritMums BiBs (Brilliance in Blogging) awards. So here are a few reasons why you should consider voting for me!

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#SpringIntoAction Get Outdoors and Get Muddy!


We are taking part in British Military Fitness’ #SpringIntoAction campaign to encourage children to get outside and play and get muddy this Easter!  With the official first day of Spring tomorrow (20th March), the sun is starting to shine more, flowers are popping up and there is no better time to get the kids outdoors enjoying the fresh air.

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My Basic Cupcake Recipe

Vanilla Cupcakes

I make a lot of cupcakes, for every family birthday, yearly occasion or sometimes just for the hell of it! I enjoy baking and cupcakes are great to get the kids involved in the kitchen, even if it is just to lick the spoon!  This is my basic cupcake recipe, that I then alter as necessary.  It’s my fail safe, and it hasn’t failed me yet.

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A Quick Trip to the Doctor

Quick Trip Doctor

Nothing with the kids is just a ‘quick trip’ especially if it means going to the Doctor.  This is an account of a supposedly ‘quick trip’ to the doctor the other day that didn’t go quite to plan!  The most stressful hour and a half of my week so far!

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