Get in Your Garden! Week #3

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Veggie BBQ ideas

So it’s week 3 already of my Get in Your Garden! Guest post series.  With the weather starting to brighten up,  there’s nothing quite like a good old fashioned BBQ to get people outside enjoying their gardens.  BBQs don’t have to be reserved just for meat eaters, there are plenty of vegetarian options too, and today we are going to look at a few veggie BBQ ideas.

Get in Your Garden! Guest Post Series #3

Week 3 of my guest post series is bought to you by Leigh from ‘In Sophie’s Mind’ where she blogs about lifestyle, health, the environment and being a vegan.  Here she is going to give you some amazing vegetarian BBQ ideas, certain to get your mouth watering. So i’ll hand over to Leigh ….


Hello, I’m Leigh from In Sophie’s Mind I am a vegan lifestyle blogger; who is guest posting today sharing with you lovely people 4 veggie friendly BBQ ideas this spring time; to enjoy making & munching on out in the sunshine.  Instead of grilling all those meat items- you could try to include more colourful veggies to your grill out!

Veggie BBQ Ideas

Spicy Crunchy Coleslaw

The normal coleslaw you would buy in stores can be full of additives so why not make your own? This coleslaw is so simple you can whip it up in minutes! All you need is shredded red & green cabbage, carrot, onion, egg free mayo & chilli flakes mix together and you have you your Spicy slaw! Ta-dah. How Easy.

Veggie BBQ

Grilled Veggie Skewers

I have always turned to this as my BBQ staple! Cut any veggies you enjoy into chunks place on a skewer stick & grill on the barbeque. How simple! You can make them as colourful as you like & they don’t even take long to cook either.

Chickpea ‘Tuna’ Sandwich

I have recently posted this recipe over on my blog in detail you can check it out; over on however it is rather simple to create. All you need is a tin of chickpeas, egg free mayo, sweetcorn & spring onion (if you like these veggies) and mix together then you have your sandwich filler as easy as that.

Veggie BBQ

Mason Jar Salad

This one is an on-the-go salad; you can add anything you fancy to the jar. However the trick to avoid soggy lettuce is to put your dressing in the bottom along with your non-absorbent veggies then your absorbent veggies on top of that & then lastly your lettuce/spinach.  You can pack this salad easy in the picnic basket then simply pour into a bowl toss the salad & serve up!

Non-absorbent veggies; Carrot, Bell Pepper, Cucumber etc

Absorbent veggies; Avocado, Tomato, dried fruit etc


A Mason jar salad I usually create for a picnic on the go is a sweet chilli kale salad:

  • Sweet Chilli Sauce
  • Green & Yellow Bell Pepper
  • Kale
  • Onion
  • Sweetcorn
  • Red Onion

Veggie BBQ

I hope you enjoyed these little veggie BBQ ideas you could use to make your BBQ events a little bit more fun & colourful. If you would like to see more recipes you can head over to my website I post a range of recipes for my readers to use. It is so great to see spring again I cannot wait to get out in the garden and get barbequing my veggies again! Have a great day lovelies.


Thank you so much Leigh, you really have given me some inspiration to try more veggie ideas on the BBQ, not to mention making my mouth water!

More of Leigh’s recipes and ideas can be found on her blog, and you can also find her on Twitter and Instagram. 


If you are enjoying this series, don’t forget to fill in your e-mail address and I’ll let you when a new post is published.  If you would like to feature in this series, then please get in it touch!

Kerry x

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