Easter Egg Hunt With Printable Clues

April 11, 2020 No Comments

It’s official, the Easter Bunny is not restricted by the recent social distancing rules. Why? well because he’s a bunny of course, so our family Easter egg hunt will still take place this year.

This year for most people Easter will be a little different. But in the hope to keep some normality for the kids, and make Easter day still feel like Easter, we’re plannning our family Easter egg hunt albeit with the confines of our house and garden.

three children wearing bunny ears for Easter
Easter a few years ago now!

Previous Easters

We have always done egg hunts with the kids, and it’s something they have grown to expect from Easter day. Traditionally, we used to have them at Nana and Grandad’s, along with their cousin.

3 children running around a field holding Easter baskets on an Easter egg hunt
The race is on!

My parents are lucky enough to have a lot of outside space, so the Easter egg hunt had them running all around the fields and various outbuildings as well as in the house. It took up quite a large portion of the day. The rest of the day of course was consuming vast quantities of chocolate!

Oliver enjoying a bunny cake pop
Oliver enjoying his bunny cake pop

When they were little it was just hiding brightly coloured eggs for them to find. However as they got older and learnt to read, my Dad has been taking great pleasure in making up clues and hiding them around.

Easter Egg Hunt Clues

This year it’s my turn. So today I have spent a large chunk of the day coming up with Easter egg hunt clues and rhymes to hide around our house and garden for the kids tomorrow. I designed them in Canva, and they are all ready to be hidden tomorrow along with some eggs.

Easter egg clues
I designed the clues in Canva and printed them off

I thought I would share the clues with you, as I suspect lots of parents like me are trying to design their own hunts for tomorrow.

The Easter Bunny’s been today,

But you have to find each clue.

He’s a bit of a clumsy bunny,

And the first one is in your shoe!

I’ve popped all 10 clues plus a blank template as a PDF in The Secret Garden, which is my subscribers only area full of free printables. If you’d like to have access so you can see them all or print them off then just pop to the end of the post and fill in your details to subscribe to my weekly newsletter.

Pin Easter Egg Hunt

Easter egg hunt pin

I hope you’ve found this useful. I’ll update the post with some pictures of the egg hunt tomorrow.

Do you have an Easter egg hunt? or do you do things a little differently? I’d love to hear about it if you do in the comments.

Happy Easter!

Kerry x

If you would like to subscribe to our weekly newsletter and get access to The Secret Garden to print off the Easter egg hunt clues or any of our other printables, just simply pop your details in below.

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