Make Your Own Peacock Wedding Invitations

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Peacock Wedding Invitations

This is a simple tutorial of how to make Peacock Wedding Invitations from scratch.  They are really easy to make, but have a really professional finish.

Our forthcoming wedding gives me plenty of excuses to get to do some adult arts and craft projects. As I love all things crafty, there was never any doubt I would be making our wedding invitations! Having a peacock theme for our wedding means we have more than one colour to play with. I wanted to feature several of the colours within the invitation to give guests an idea of what’s to come.

Although I wanted to make my own invitations, I still wanted them to have a professional sleek finish.  I think the key to this is using good quality paper and card, and keeping a fairly simple design that is easily replicable over and over again.  I think we have achieved it with our Peacock Wedding Invitations.

We got all our card and paper from The Paperbox, which is an online supplier of everything you need to make your own wedding invites. I was really impressed with the quality of the card and paper.  It was hard to capture in the photos but the pearl card and paper had a lovely sparkly sheen to it, which automatically gave the invites a classier feel.

So if you would like to see how we made our Peacock themed wedding invitations then read on, or pin it for later!

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Peacock Wedding Invitations

What You Will Need

(For approximately 100 invitations)

  1. 25 x A4 Navy blue pearl card (230g)
  2. 25 x A4 Turquoise pearl paper(120g)
  3. 100 x C6 premium luxury ivory envelopes (130g)
  4. 50 x A4 Ivory Silk paper (120g)
  5. Purple ribbon
  6. Peacock feathers
  7. Glue dots

How to Make Peacock Themed Wedding Invitations

  1. Cut the sheets of navy card to A6  size (105mm x 148mm).
  2. Then cut the sheets of turquoise paper to A6 size initially, then trim off 10mm of one long edge and one short edge.  This should result in the paper being 95mm x 138mm.
  3. We decided to have a four leaf insert for our invitations. This was made using a simple template set up on the computer in Microsoft Word, and then printed onto the Ivory silk paper. Trim your insert to 85mm x 128mm.
  4. Cut small lengths of ribbon, approximately 130mm long.
  5. Now you are ready to assemble the invitations. First use stick glue on the back of a piece of turquoise paper. Secure the ribbon to the paper 4cm from the corner on each side, by folding the edges over onto the glued surface. Then place the piece of paper with ribbon attached onto a piece of navy card making sure it is as central as possible.
  6. Pass the whole thing through an embosser to pattern the card and paper. This stage also helps cement the two together, and in my opinion gives a great finish.

  7. For our day invitations we also wanted to include a real peacock feather. So trim a peacock feather to the desired size. Place a glue dot in the bottom left corner of the navy card, and then slide in the paper insert. Lastly slide in the peacock feather, pushing the end down onto the glue dot to hold everything in place.
  8. For our reception invitations we used a glue dot on the back of the inserts, to temporarily attach them to the card.Peacock Themed Wedding Invitations

That’s it, a very simple design, but professional finish. We still have a few more to make, but are on target to make just under 100 invitations (except one or two that didn’t quite go to plan!).

Not only does making your own wedding invitations give you an enormous sense of enjoyment and satisfaction, it can also save you a lot of money.  I already had the peacock feathers and glue dots, but everything else would have cost less than £40 which is an absolutely massive saving!

To order these materials or see the full range of DIY wedding invitation supplies visit The Paperbox.

So what do you think of our Peacock Wedding Invitations? Did you make your own invites at your wedding?

I love to hear ALL your feedback on my crafts! If you never want to miss one of our posts, enter your e-mail address below for our weekly newsletter.  There are likely to be more peacock wedding themed crafts coming up in the next few months!

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Kerry x

Disclaimer: We were kindly supplied our craft materials free of charge from Paperbox for the purpose of producing our invitations and this tutorial post.

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