How to Get a Great Night’s Sleep: A Leesa Mattress Review

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Leesa mattress

This is a collaborative post with Leesa Sleep Ltd.

We all know how important a good night’s sleep is. Being tired not only affects our mood and ability to deal with stress, but can also have a negative effect on our health. So it’s important that the WHOLE family get a good night’s sleep EVERY night, and not just our little people.

There are lots of factors that affect the way we sleep, but the one key to getting a great night’s sleep is comfort and support. This is why your choice of mattress can be crucial to feeling well rested every morning.

Me and James were guilty of having a sprung mattress that was way past it’s best. It had seen us through a house move, and two pregnancies, and our sleep was interupted if you accidentally rolled onto one of the many springs that were poking through!

Our children went from cribs to cots to cot beds and now single beds, each time with a new mattress, whilst like most parents, we just made do. It was difficult to get comfortable, we both often had restless nights, and I would wake in the morning aching as much as I did when I went to bed.

So you can imagine how delighted I was when I was approached by Leesa to review one of their mattresses. I had obvioulsy read about memory foam mattresses before, and my parents raved about them, so I was interested to see what they were like first hand.

So What Did We Think of the Leesa Mattress?


The ordering process was extremely simple. As an on-line only retailer,  you just visit their website and select the mattress you want.  They provide mattresses in UK and EU sizes, which I thought was really good, versatile to fit any bed frame.

Delivery was free, and in a matter of days our new mattress arrived. Conveniently vacuum packed in a box that was easy to carry up the stairs. It was heavy, but I did wonder at first how such a small box had my new king size deluxe mattress in it!

It was extremely easy to unpack, and just rolled out onto our bed. Before long it expanded into a super thick sumptious looking mattress.


Leesa Mattress


When I first sat on the mattress, my bottom quickly sank, and I was initially concerned that the mattress was going to be too soft.  However, when lying on the mattress where you weight is distributed, it felt completely different. Firm and supportive and super comfortable.  If I’m honest it took a few nights to get used to. Both of us have only ever slept on traditional sprung mattresses so it naturally felt a bit different. I took my usual side sleeping position and had a decent first night’s sleep.

I think it was on night 2 or 3 when I first discovered that I could once again sleep on my back and wake up with no pain in the morning. Hallelujah! Something I’ve not done since having the kids.

I’ve had problems with my lower back since my second pregnancy. If I lie on my back I have to raise my knees or I get terrible lower back pain. Fine for chilling on the sofa, not so good for a good night’s sleep.  With the Leesa mattress however, I felt my lower back got the same support I get from raising my knees, so I was able to sleep soundly in my favourite sleeping position again.

The other thing I noticed a few weeks into having our new Leesa mattress was that when James shuffled around to get comfy, other than the movement of the duvet, I really couldn’t feel it on my side, nor did our mattress creak- bliss! This has been especially convenient  as he’s been quite restless in this recent humid weather we have been having.


So What’s Different About a Leesa Mattress?


The Leesa matress is made from 3 layers rather than one.

The top layer of cooling avena foam allows airflow to make it cooler in the hot weather, and enough bounce for freedom of movement whilst you sleep.  Handy with the recent heat wave we have been having.

The middle layer of pressure relieving memory foam adapts to your body contour allowing support and pressure relief. Something I have really appreciated. No more sore hips from lying on my side, and at long last I can lie on my back and not be in pain in the morning.

The dense lower core of base foam adds strength and support for all body shapes and sizes.  Despite conforming to your body shape, the mattress feels really firm without feeling hard.


So Why Choose a Leesa Mattress?


Our naughty puppy ‘Berry’ showing that it’s her preferred mattress too.


Here are some of the reasons why I think Leesa is a great choice….

  1. As an exclusive on-line retailer Leesa takes the hassle out of shopping for a mattress.
  2. The Leesa mattress is available in all standard bed sizes and in UK and EU sizes.
  3. Free and speedy delivery and returns. The mattress arrives vacuum packed in a box to your door, so no worrying about how you are going to get your new mattress home and on your bed.
  4. The mattress is made up of 3 premium foam layers that adapt to your body whether you’re a back, stomach or side sleeper.  Super supportive and comfortable, allowing for a comfortable nights sleep.
  5. They offer a 100 night risk free trial period.  So if your not sure if a Leesa mattress is for you, why not give one a go? You really have nothing to lose! Furthermore, all returned mattresses are donated to charitable causes where possible or recycled.
  6. You can have a good nights sleep with a clear conscious.  Leesa donate one mattress for every 10 they sell, as well as planting a tree for every order placed and donating employees time to volunteer in local communities. Win win!
  7. The Leesa mattress received a Which? Best Buy award in January 2018- need I say more!


We are very happy with our new Leesa mattress.  Needless to say we will not be sending our mattress back after the trial period has ended, and I honestly don’t see us going back to a traditional sprung mattress ever.

At the end of a day a well rested Mum, is a more relaxed, less stressed Mum, and that’s good for the WHOLE family!


If you are interested in trying out a Leesa mattress yourself, Leesa are kindly offering a genrous £100 off any Leesa mattress to my readers. Simply head over to their site using this link, and use the code BLISSFUL at check out.


Kerry x


Disclaimer: This post was created in collaboration with Leesa, who provided a Leesa Mattress for review, but all views and opinions are my own. Some links within this post are affliate link.  This means I may receive a small percentage of a sale if you click these links and purchase a product, but at no extra cost to you.


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