The Best Cleaning Hacks For Busy Mums

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Cleaning hacks have become super popular thanks to rise of the one and only mumma to be Mrs. Hinch. Whilst lots of people are now happier to “Hinch” their homes, for us busy mums, cleaning can still be a bit of a chore and a drain on our precious time. So, I’ve partnered with Terrys Fabrics to share over 20 of The Best Cleaning Hacks For Busy Mums. It includes their top tips, my favourite cleaning hacks, as well as those from other busy mummas.

So if you are looking for some super simple cleaning hacks that will make your life easier read on, or pin it for later!

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There’s Something In The Air

Not only do we want our homes to look clean, but we also want them to smell clean. This is particularly important if you have pets, because as loveable as they are, they can often have an unpleasant aroma to them!

So here are some top cleaning hacks to prevent those nasty niffs.

  • Pop a capful of Zoflora on a piece of kitchen towel, and place in your bin before you put the black bag in. Then every time you open your bin you are greeted with a lovely fragrance. (Tip thanks to Emma Jenkins)
  • Put a couple of drops of Zoflora on your Dyson filter. It blows fresh scent into the room whenever hoovering. (Tip thanks to Tracy Hall)
  • A favourite of Mrs. Hinch’s: keep the drain smells at bay by using a cup of soda crystals down the plughole, followed by some white vinegar. Leave it to fizz and do it’s magic (about an hour), then flush with hot water. Mrs. Hinch recommends doing this once a fortnight to keep drain nice and fresh.
  • If you use a steam mop, then instead of using distilled water use ironing water in it. It helps to prevent the limescale build up in your steam mop, and makes the house smell amazing! Perfectly fragranced house and clean floors- win win!
A steam mop with some ironing water, one of the clenaing hacks

The Heart and Guts of The House

The kitchen is often to referred to as the heart of the home. However, it also one the rooms that needs the most upkeep. Similarly the bathroom/s see alot of traffic, and can collect a lot of dirt, limescale and grease. Daily maintenance is an absolute necessity, but so is more thorough cleaning which can be a real bug bear. So here are some cleaning hacks to make it all a little easier.

  • Short of time? What mother isn’t? Well why not give your bathroom a quick wipe over whilst the kids are in the bath. You get to monitor the kids and get some housework done at the same time. (Tip from Yummy Blogger)
  • Lots of ideas of removing limescale and stains from under the waterline in a toilet. You can use white vinegar (for limescale), bleach (for stains) or even Cola! One I definetly need to give a go! Or you can use a denture tablet down the toilet if you have any stubborn limescale. (Tips thanks to A Rose Tinted World, Twinderelmo and Ready Freddie Go)
  • Limescale on taps? Try squezing half a lemon directly on to them. (Tip from New Mummy Blog). I have to say I have just tried this, and am super impressed with the results. I have waterfall taps and stubborn limescale gets underneath- I just left half a lemon on the end of the tap for 5 minutes, and now it’s all gone!
showing before and after pictures of a tap cleaned with a lemon to remove limescale, another one of the fab clenaning hacks
  • A cheap shower screen scrunchie and Stardrops (another of Mrs. Hinch’s favs) is the quickest and easiest way for a clean shower screen, lather up and then wipe with a squeegie and done! (Tip thanks to Back With a Bump)
  • Neglected microwave? If you microwave a bowl of water with juice of a lemon in it, the steam helps loosen the debris and the lemon helps cut through the grease, so you can just wipe it clean!
  • Place newspaper on top of kitchen cupboards. It helps soak up the grease in the air which saves on scrubbing the grease that collects on top of cupboards. Simply take down and pop up fresh every month or so. (Tip thanks to A Few Favourite Things)
  • For hobs you can’t beat The Pink Stuff. Again another of Mrs Hinch’s fav products, but I wouldn’t be without mine now. It leaves almost a mirror finish to my glass hob.
THe pink stuff on a shiney hob, another great clenaing hack.

The Rest of the House

  • Storage is the key, and having lots of it! Tidy toy storage downstairs, with a home for everything makes tidying up at the end of the day a breeze. (Tip thanks to The English Family)
  • Invest in a basket to live at the bottom of the stairs, affectionally called a ‘crap basket’. It does what it says on tin really. Rather than allowing stuff to accumulate on the stairs that everyone steps over, it’s all in one place meaning it’s easier to carry up the stairs.
A 'crap' basket at the base of your stairs to collect all the stuff! Another great clenaing hack
  • Stubborn watermarks on wood furniture can be removed by using cigarette ash. Grim but true! (Tip thanks to The Family Ticket)
  • Is your table covered in permanent marker or sticky tape marks? Well according to Fuelled By Latte (thank you for the amaizng tips!), you can remove permanent marker using hairspray and sticky marks with baby oil. Who knew?
  • Are you a fan of blinds like I am? Over time, a build-up of both dust and dirt can leave blinds looking less than their best. Though everyone is different, we’d advise dusting your blinds each and every week, and giving your blinds a thorough and deeper clean every 3-4 months. If your blinds are metal or wood, they will benefit from a warm, soapy scrub once in a while, and if your blinds are fabric or synthetic, a damp cloth should do the job. (If you’re on the hunt for a new set of blinds, there’s a great selection of made to measure blinds for sale at Terrys Fabrics, who kindly offered this fantastic cleaning tip). 
  • My top tip for a quick clean of venetian blinds? (I have them all over my house). Use a tumble dryer sheet for a quick dust. The sheet just picks up all the dust perfectly and smells amazing too. Also extremely useful for dusting the tops of your skirting board.
Using tumble dryer wipes to clean ventian blinds- another top clenaing hack!
  • Curtains naturally attract dust and dirt, and a build up over time can result in not only unwanted smells but a change in colouring also. Your curtains tend to require a good clean around every 3 months and ensuring this happens will keep the upholstery fresher for longer. Most curtain sets will come with built in washing instructions and will outline if your curtains require a dry-cleaning service or not. In some cases, it’s as simple as popping them in the washing machine, or going over them with a handheld steamer, for an all-important freshen up. (Another great tip from Terrys Fabrics).
  • Streak free windows and mirrors required? Well then you can’t beat this cleaning hack that I inherited from my Mum. Just use white vinegar with some scrunched up newspaper. Quick, easy and not a streak in sight.
  • Leather sofas can have a quick wipe down with a baby wipe. They clean and help condition the leather. But all us mums knew a baby wipe was THE magical/universal cleaning product, right?

So what do you think of these Cleaning Hacks For Busy Mums? Do you have any hacks that you use that should be included? I’d love to hear them in the comments.


Many thanks to everyone that contributed to this post, and of course to Terrys Fabrics and the inspirational Mrs. Hinch.

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