Is Your Family Car Safe? Why Mismatched Tyres are Never a Good Option

May 22, 2019 1 Comment

We trust our family cars to carry very special cargo, our children! However, did you know that having the wrong tyres can affect both driver and passenger safety?

If I’m honest I often overlook checking our family car regularly (assuming hubby will do it for me!), and I suspect I’m not alone. But when you think about it, I rely daily that our car is safe to carry us to school, work and back and to go on our family adventures.

We obviously get our car regularly serviced, top up the oil and anti freeze every now and then, and check the tyre pressures (OK, James does!). However, I hadn’t realised the importance of choosing the correct tyre for the car, and the danger of having mismatched tyres.

To me all tyres look the same, right? Apparently not. Different manufacturers will use different compounds to make their tyres, and construction will be different depending on planned use. In addition, tread patterns can vary widely, and this all has bearing on the handling and stability of your vehicle. Having mismatched tyres- no matter which vehicle you have be it a Hyundai or Audi, no matter what car make- is not a good idea at all!

Image by E Bouman from Pixabay

5 Reasons Why Mismatched Tyres Are Never A Good Option!

  • They change the handling of your vehicle, especially in hazardous weather conditions
  • They can increase maintenance issues with your vehicle
  • They can cause uneven wear and tear on your tyres and wheels
  • In some instances it is illegal to have mismatched tyres
  • It’s dangerous to you and other road users!

The best option is to have identical tyres with the same tread, size and construction. Better still choose a tyre that is matched to the model of your car. This can help improve car performance and most importantly the safety of your vehicle and the passengers within it.

So for instance if your family car is a Hyundai, you should get tyres which are well matched. In order to choose your Hyundai tyres at the best price, you’d need to go to somewhere like Point S, who give you all the info you need to find the ideal tyres, and offer fantastic choice and unrivalled value for money.

It turns out not all tyres are the same, and when opting for the ‘cheaper’ or ‘easier’ alternative, we may be putting our family at risk. I know I won’t be looking at my car tyres the same way again!

Kerry x

Featured Image by Varun Kulkarni from Pixabay

1 Comment

  • Julie May 25, 2019 at 12:25 pm

    That is an interesting read thanks for posting it.

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