10 Things I Never Did Before I Had Kids

I started thinking the other day on how my life has changed since having kiddies. Obviously it goes without saying that there are a million positives about having kids, but I started thinking about the things I do now that I would never have dreamt of doing before!

  1. I never wore flat shoes…. I seriously didn’t. I lived in heels, the higher the better, even my trainers were wedges.  The only flat shoes I owned were flip flops.  Now my gorgeous sky scraper heels sit in my wardrobe gathering dust as a monument of what was once worn.
  2. I never was so hairy…. It’s fairly obvious that new mums get very little time to themselves for personal grooming, but what’s my excuse? My kids are now 4 and nearly 3, and still shaving my legs seems like a chore that I put off.  I would never have dreamt of not shaving my legs at least twice a week if not more!
  3. I never thought that my must have beauty product would be a baby wipe…. yes it’s true, baby wipes are now the universal beauty product I use for everything.  From removing make-up to washing my face, and I even resort to them for polishing, cleaning the sink and cleaning up cat vomit! Nothing a baby wipe can’t do.
  4. I never considered a shopping spree at a supermarket…. nowadays I seem to buy all my clothes from the supermarket and it feels like a treat.  Gone are the days of spending hours looking round the shops, perusing the latest fashions.
  5. I never referred to a penis as a winkle… or a dinkle or any other cutesie name given to male genitalia, and I never referred to my private parts as a noonie, flower or foof!
  6. I never got drunk at home… no, I used to go out! Going out for a drink was what I did when I had a social life.  Now when the weekend comes, we look forward to a takeaway and opening a few bottles of vino at home, and that’s as rock and roll as it gets!
  7. I never went to bed before 10pm at the weekend…. but now it’s fairly common place that come 9pm I’m shattered and retiring to Bedfordshire. And on that note…
  8. I never got up before 7am…. I used to literally get up 30 minutes before I had to leave the house, now 7am feels like a luxurious lay in!
  9. I never knew all the names of My Little Pony characters… or Peppa pig, Fireman Sam and the such like! Now I seem to be the undisputed queen of name the character on CBeebies.
  10. I never knew what unconditional love felt like…. cause for all the downsides, at times my heart feels like it’s literally going to burst with love for my little pint sized terrors.

Much love

Kerry x


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  1. Great post. I too only wear flat shoes now, I don’t think I’ve worn heels since I was pregnant and that was the end of 2014. Claire x

  2. I understand most of these. I am not a big drinker though. I do understand the knowing the my Little Pony Character names though. I know all of them because my 23 month old and 4 year old both love it. Lol. So funny about the names of body parts too. I love this post.

  3. Ah what a great list. I’m the same with most of these. Oh it was lovely to get up 30 mins before I had to leave…and breakfast, I got to have breakfast! I still manage to stay up late at weekends but my husband has fallen asleep watching TV by 10.30pm.


  4. I can so relate to all of these! I have my prized collection of heels stored away and it leaves me wondering if I’ll ever be brave enough to dust them off again! Kat x #twinklytuesday

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