Homemade Bird Feeders Kids Can Make

May 20, 2019 4 Comments
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Feeding garden birds is a great way to encourage them into your backyard. It’s also a fab craft activity to do with your children. There are loads of Homemade Bird Feeders Kids Can Make, that are inexpensive and simple to put together. Great for the wildlife, and great for getting the kids closer to nature.

We love feeding the birds in our garden. We’re very lucky to live in a beautiful part of the Great British countryside and are often visited by many different bird species. Both myself and the kids love watching them enjoy our creations.

Our garden birds benefit from feeding all year round. In the Autumn and Winter months they need extra energy to help keep them warm. Springtime, they are feeding their young so benefit from extra supplies, and in the Summer months often the ground is too hard to forage.

If you would like to start feeding the birds in your garden, then there are just a few things to think about before you start making your homemade bird feeders.

  1. Make sure you position your feeder in a good location. It’s nice to be able to see it easily without disturbing the visitors. However, it also needs to be high enough away from predators, and away from nest boxes.
  2. Avoid giving fat balls in warmer weather when the fat can go rancid in the heat, and avoid giving whole peanuts in the spring which might choke young birds.
  3. If you have dogs and cats, keep them away from bird feeders. Not only because they may harm the birds, but ingestion of fallen bits of fat balls could make your pet very sick indeed.

So if you’d like some ispiration to make your own Homemade Bird Feeders with the kids then read on, or Pin it for later!

Pin Homemade Bird Feeders Kids Can Make

Pin for homemade bird feeders kids can make

Fat Balls

One of the easiest recipes is this Fat Balls for Birds recipe that me and the kids have used time and time again. The birds seem to find it irrestible! We use old yoghurt post to mould our feeders, but you can also use the same recipe to shape in cookie cutters, or push into pine cones. These are great for the colder months, but not suitable for feeding in the summer months.

Cookie Cutter Bird Feeders

You can make all sorts of atractive seed bird feeders using different shaped cookie cutters. If you are feeding in the winter then you can use the same recipe as for the fat balls above. However, all of these recipes use gelatine to bind the seeds together, meaning they can be fed in the warmer weather as well.

Flower Birdseed Feeder With Gelatin– by Little Bins for Little hands

Heart Cookie Cutter Bird Feeder– by Kitchen Counter Chronicles

Acorn and Maple Leaf Birdseed Ornaments– by Natural Beach Living

Using Fruit and Vegetables

Birds love to peck at the flesh of many fruits and vegetables as well as seeds and nut, and these ideas combine both.

Apple Bird Feeders– by Natural Beach Living

Orange Bird Feeders– by Natural Beach Living

Pumpkin Bird Feeders– by The Gingerbread House

Upcycled Bird Feeders

You can also make some fab bird feeders by upcycling everyday objects. Plastic bottles, mason jars, toilet rolls, picture frames and even humble old cardboard can all be made into something quite spectacular that the birds will love.

Seed Birdhouse– by Non-Toy Gifts

Picture Frame Bird Feeder– by Buggy and Buddy

Plastic Bottle Bird Feeder- by Me!

Mason Jar Bird Feeder– by Crafts By Amanda

I hope this has provided you with some inspiration for homemade bird feeders that you can make with the kids, or do you already feed the birds in your garden and enjoy watching them as much as us? Let me know what you do to encourage birds and other wildlife into your garden in the comments.

Kerry x

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  • Karen, the next best thing to mummy June 7, 2019 at 9:14 am

    I of made bird fee with the children when I was a child minder nothing as imaginative as these #kidsadkreaivty_karndenis

  • Louise (Little Hearts, Big Love) June 8, 2019 at 6:51 am

    Love all these ideas for making homemade bird feeders. We’ve made them with toilet roll tubes and pine cones but it’s always nice to try some new ideas. I didn’t realise that fat balls weren’t suitable for warmer weather – that’s useful to know. #KidsandKreativity

  • Denise Johnson June 11, 2019 at 1:13 pm

    This is great and I’ve pinned it ready for when we start our back garden wildlife project in our home school. So many different ways to encourage visitors and help look after the birds. #KidsandKreativity

  • Emma June 14, 2019 at 9:25 am

    Apple feeders are a fave here, and so easy to make! Thanks for sharing! #KidsandKreativity

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