Galleoneers Recipe Box Review- Japan Eats

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I am constantly trying to get my children to eat new things. I have a fussy 5 year old, so often I am fighting a loosing battle. Nether the less, I still try to educate them on the different foods that are eaten around the world, and encourage them to help me in the kitchen as much as possible.

Galleoneers Recipe Box

We were given the opportunity to review a Galleoneers Recipe Box. These subscription boxes focus each month on food from a different country. We got to try out September’s box which had the theme Japan Eats: Unique Treats from the Land of the Rising Sun. Since then they have also brought out Delectable Delights from Spain, and this month it’s Cravin’ for Cajun which sounds amazing.

Galleoneers Recipe Box

The kids were very excited to open our box. Inside was a recipe and activity book; shopping list; some origami paper; bamboo spoon and sushi rolling mat; and one of the dry ingredients needed, some sushi nori.

The little book contained lots of facts about Japan, and Isla enjoyed doing the colouring in and trying out some origami! She also liked showing off to Nana and saying ‘Konnichiwa!’ when she saw her next.

Cooking Our Japanese Feast

The recipe book contained 3 child friendly recipes for a 3-course meal. They were easy to follow with step by step instructions and pictures. Each step also had a key to say if it was suitable for mini cooks age 3-5 or older children.

Isla enjoyed helping with the cooking.  Even though she is only 5 there were lots of steps she could help with.  Oliver did start helping but he gets bored easily, and left the dinner prep to me and Isla.

For our starter we made Vegetable Maki.  There was also a recipe for Nigri sushi, however I didn’t have a hope of getting my 2 eating pepper or asparagus so we just stuck to the Maki. Isla loved rolling up the sushi, and by the end of it she had really got the hang of it!

I thought the sushi was delicious. The kids weren’t that keen, and ended up peeling off the nori seaweed and just eating the rice and veg, but at least they tried it.

We also made the Chicken Yakisoba, which was also delicious. However, I struggled to get Isla to even try it even though she had cooked it with me. Oliver ate a little of it but wasn’t overly impressed. I think maybe too many new things in one go.  I will try this recipe again though, as it was super simple and tasted really good.

The third and final course was Red Bean Ice Lollies.  If I’m honest this was my least favourite of the 3 courses. Isla enjoyed making them, but like me wasn’t sure of the outcome.  Although they were really sweet, I just couldn’t get my head around the fact that I was eating a kidney bean ice lolly!

What I Thought

All in all I was very impressed by the box.  The boxes encourage children not only to try new foods, but also to really get involved with cooking and preparing the food whilst learning about the different countries and cultures.  I also liked the fact that they included alternatives and substitutions for those with dietary restrictions or for the harder to obtain ingredients. My only negative comment is that it would have been nice for the box to contain a few more of the specialist ingredients. For instance I could not find prepared sweet red bean paste anywhere, and whilst a substitution was suggested, I can’t help feeling the lollies may have turned out differently with the authentic ingredient.

If you would like to know more about Galleoneers recipe box visit their website. You can buy a single box for just £9.99, or subscribe for a discounted rate for 3, 6 or 12 months. You can also gift a box, which is a great idea for a birthday or Christmas present.

Kerry x


Disclaimer: We were gifted our recipe box in return for this review, however all words and opinions are my own.


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