Our Favourite Five Story Books

Our Favourite Five Story Books

Do your kids have favourite books?  Books that they have had since they were tiny but can’t give them up? Mine certainly do! Bitten by the home video bug, my kiddos wanted to show you their five favourite story books.

Our Favourite Five Story Books

World Book Day yesterday inspired us to think about some of our favourite books.  We have always loved reading and story time, and without fail every night we read to the children. More recently Isla has started reading to us as well.  It’s one of my favourite times of the day.

Even though the kids are getting older, and their taste in books is changing, there are some classic books that my kids enjoyed as babies that they just can’t let go of, and they still enjoy them today as much as they did back then.

With the bug of home videos, they wanted to present to you their five favourite books, so without further a do I will hand you over to Isla and Oliver.


What are your children’s favourite books? Have you got books that they still enjoy now that you used to read to them as a baby?

Hope you enjoyed our little video,

Kerry x

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