Get in Your Garden! Week #12

June 12, 2017 No Comments
Get in Your Garden

It is definitely feeling more summery now, and with the sun shining we all tend to love our gardens that little bit more.  Or do we?  This week’s Get in Your Garden! guest post talks about not naturally having that green-fingered gene.

Get in Your Garden! Week #12

This week’s guest post is written by Katie who blogs over at The Perfect Juggler. Today she is sharing her thoughts on her garden, and how she doesn’t instantly want to spend every second in it.

Hi, I’m Katie, an honest, open, slightly sarcastic single mum to an overly dramatic 5-year old daughter called Charlotte and a laid back 9-year old whippet called Sophie. I live in Warwickshire and am trying to juggle the many balls that constitutes my life, including family, friends, dating, the dreaded job and all the other things that could come crashing down at any moment.  I love baking, yoga, going out dancing and interior design but very rarely have time to do any of it!

I Love My Garden, Most of the Time

I’m starting to wonder whether there is a gardening gene that didn’t get passed on to me?

My parents definitely have it. Dad more so than mum, but I think it may have been a recessive gene, fought off by the ‘love of magazines’ gene or the ‘gift wrapping’ gene.

I Love my Garden

This is the second spring that I have had the luxury of a garden and at first glance I love it dearly.  I’m currently sitting on the patio drinking my morning coffee, hoping the neighbours don’t mind seeing me in my dressing gown.  But nobody ever told me that gardens need attention at all times or else you will find a bramble embedded in your bare arm before you know it!

The grass needs to be mown on a bi-daily basis from what I can gather, especially if you don’t want it to suddenly look like a scene from the Jungle Book.

Things apparently need taking up at specific times or putting in at specific times.  Bushes need pruning *childish giggle*. Climbers need tying back and to top it off, I have to go on pooh patrol before venturing out as my dog has not yet found a specific ‘spot’ for number 2’s and is obviously testing out every square foot of ground to see what feels best!

I have bought, been given or loaned all manner of tools for this ‘hobby’ (read ‘full time job’) and had hoped I would turn into some green fingered, nature loving, ‘The Good Life’ type of woman but, alas, it has not yet happened.

However, it’s not all bad.  I do love being able to get outdoors whenever I choose.  I do love the fresh, crisp smell that comes from hanging my clothes out on the washing line. I do love watching the birds flit around the garden finding the seeds and nuts we have left out for them.  I do love that, for the past two years, I have had to explain “What are all the frogs doing on top of each other in the pond Mummy?”

I Love My Garden

I do also love the fact that, despite my neglect, the roses left from the garden’s previous owner still bloom and the honeysuckle still smells gorgeous.

I Love My Garden

I do love that, in those rare moments of sunshine, we can build trains with huge cardboard boxes that wouldn’t fit anywhere inside the house and I also love getting the paddling pool out and being amazed at how a plastic, blow up pool and some random kitchenware can keep Charlotte entertained for hours.

I wonder how much a gardener is though?

Thank you Katie. I love how refreshing and honest your take on your garden is.  It’s nice to see that even when you not blessed with the green fingered gene, you can still take pleasure in your own outside space.

If you have enjoyed reading this then why not head over to Katie’s blog The Perfect Juggler, or you can also find her on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

If you are enjoying the Get in Your Garden! guest post series then fill in your e-mail address below and I’ll let you know when a new post is published, no spam I promise!  If you would like to feature in this series then please get in touch!

Kerry x

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