7 Alternative Pancake Recipes for Shrove Tuesday

7 Alternate Pancake Day Recipes

Pancake day or Shrove Tuesday is a traditional feast day before the start of lent on Ash Wednesday, and we celebrate by cooking and eating pancakes!

Personally, I like the traditional English pancake recipe made from plain flour, eggs and milk, and served with lemon juice and sugar (although I’m also partial to nutella and banana too!). However, there are lots of pancake variations: from fluffy American; savoury; oat based; and gluten and dairy free; there’s a pancake recipe that everyone can enjoy!

It’s taken a while to get my kids eating pancakes, but now they love them! This year I’m looking forward to trying out some alternative pancake recipes on them, what about you?

7 Alternative Pancake Day Recipes

Fluffy American Style Pancake Recipes

I haven’t tried cooking American style pancakes before, but they are one of Oliver’s favourites, and looking at these recipes I’m tempted give them a go this year.

Theses fluffy American style Ombre Berry Pancakes by Amy Treasure look almost too pretty to eat!

Or if you’re in a hurry try these super quick and easy American Pancakes by All About A Mummy.

Savoury Pancake Recipes

Who said pancakes have to be sweet? If you haven’t got a sweet tooth then check out some of these savoury pancakes which can be just as yummy. Why not try these Cottage cheese pancakes by Raising Badgers.

Or how about these cute heart shaped betroot pancakes from Mummy to Dex.

Oaty Pancake Recipes

You also don’t need to use wheat flour in your pancakes. These oaty alternatives can be gluten free if you source gluten free oats to make them with.

These pancakes by Whinge Whinge Wine use Ready Brek as a flour alternative in her simple Ready Brek pancakes.

Or what about these banana and peanut butter oat pancakes by Then I Became Mum, literally making my mouth water just reading the recipe! One my peanut butter mad daughter would enjoy.

Or these quick Oaty Banana Mini Panckaes from Captain Bobcat giving you a dairy free alternative.

So what do you think of these alternative pancake recipes? Are you a traditional girl like me? Or are you planning on trying something a little different this year? I’d love to hear what you think in the comments.

Happy Pancake Day!

Kerry x

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