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February 19, 2016 2 Comments

I’ve only just found out about the #MarkWarnerMum family ambassador programme, but what a great oppourtunity!! I’ve only been blogging since the beginning of the year, but have every intention of going pro as soon as I am able, so despite being a ‘newbie’ here’s our entry…

So what is your ‘Perfect Holiday’?  Who doesn’t love a holiday?  It goes without saying really, I don’t know anyone who would say they don’t like going. But ‘Perfect’? that’s a strong word.  I have had many amazing, great holidays, but I think I may still be waiting for my perfection.

Like all single 20 something girls I had a lot of holidays, most revolved around a good climate, beach and night life.  I was fortunate enough as a vet student to spend 3 months in Mexico in the non-tourist areas and living with the locals which was amazing! We got to see wonders hidden from the main stream tourist track that I am thankful I experienced.  I also managed to wangle a 2- week work stint in Florida working with marine mammals which was out of this world. I was party to transporting a pygmy sperm whale across Florida in a refrigerated truck  Free Willy style, a once in a lifetime oppourtunity!

However, being diagnosed with malignant melanoma (skin cancer) when I was 28 changed my previous view on travel. I became nervous, almost scared of the sun.  Although I obviously lived to tell the tale  (wearing my SPF 50 without fail), my love of holidays just lying on a beach or by a pool trying to get a sunkissed glow was gone.

When I meet James we decided to try winter holidays, and went skiing in Bulgaria renting a friends apartment.  Well, after a week we were both hooked! We absolutely loved it! We went every year until I feel pregnant with Isla.

We did still have summer holidays, but tried to do ones that had activities so I could also relax- which at the end of the day is what holidays are all about isn’t it? We visted Norway, and Scandinavian countries, and did kayaking and mountain biking.

Since having the children we have tried to get away as much as we can.  We bought a caravan last year, and went away for long weekends as often as we could.  The kids love it, the adventure, the fun, and we love it because even if for a few days it was an escape from the routine and stress of everyday life.  If the kids are relaxed and happy, then so are mummy and daddy!

So back to our perfect holiday. For me I desperately want to go skiing again, my children have never seen real snow ( the last decent snow here Isla was only 1 year old). I want them to be able to build snowmen, have a snow ball fight and also have the oppourtunity to learn a new skill and experience a different climate. Myself and James love to ski (despite only having 3 years of skiing holidays under our belt), and the evenings of staring out onto a snowy landscape with a glass of vino in hand and a fire lit in the chalet is fairly near perfect for me.  If you ask my kids however they will say they want a park, a beach to build sandcastles, a swimming pool and ice cream, plenty of ice cream! They just want to have fun, and they want these things because they are familiar to them, but I think they would equally enjoy other things they have yet to experience. I have learnt to love the beach again, only to see the enjoyment through my childrens eyes (and under a parasol of course!), but for me I need more than just a beach.

So what is perfect?  I don’t think I have had the perfect holiday YET, but I have a pretty good idea of what I think will be perfect. As we haven’t yet had our perfect family holiday, we thought we would make up a couple of perfect holiday scenarios in true Crafty Queen style! This has enabled me to combine a few of my other loves: playing with my children and being creative!

I am certain that if I was able to spend time away with James and our beautiful children, in a location that can allow the kids to have fun and learn new experiences, whilst allowing mummy and daddy to have some time out from the normal day to day stresses of everyday life, then maybe, just maybe, our next holiday might just be our ‘Perfect’!


Kerry xx


  • yvette morgan March 11, 2016 at 11:17 am

    fab entry 🙂 x

    • Kerry March 15, 2016 at 3:22 pm

      Thank you, we didn’t get it, but there is always next year!

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