How to Create the Perfect Nursery

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[AD] This blog post is in collaboration with Kiddies Kingdom, but all words and opinions are my own.

I’m a firm believer that a bedroom or nursery space for your child should be about more than just where they lay their head at night.

This is never truer then when you are trying to create the perfect nursery for your little one. Having gone through the process a few times now, and learning through mistakes and experience, here are my top tips for How to Create The Perfect Nursery.

A nursery needs to be a practical and versatile space that can change with your child, but also needs to be a fun, calm and an inviting space. As nurseries are for babies and very young children, there are also several other aspects that need to be taken into consideration.

So if you would like to see what my top tips are for creating the perfect nursery, read on, or pin it for later!

How to Create the Perfect Nursery- pin it for later!

Safety First

The most important thing is safety. The nursery needs to be a safe space, especially when babies and toddlers are on the move. It’s simple really and mainly common sense, but making sure the room is completely safe and secure will give you extra peace of mind. Here are some things to think about when designing a safe nursery space:

  • Make sure cots are positioned away from windows and heaters/radiators.
  • Use radiator covers that protect little ones from hot surfaces but can also be aesthetically pleasing.
  • Any cords from blinds and curtains should be tucked safely out of the way on apparopriate hooks.
  • Any lamps or wall lights should be well out of reach, and again cords safely tucked away.
  • Empty plugs should have plug socket covers on them to prevent inquistive fingers.
  • You can fit latches onto drawers and doors that you don’t want them to open.
  • Make sure all furniture is fixed to the walls such as wardrobes, chest of drawers and even radiator covers.
  • Avoid large horizontal handles on furniture units that would be tempting to use as steps for little feet.
  • Stair gates are useful for not just the stairs, but can also prevent access into other rooms such as older siblings bedrooms that might contain choking hazards.
Hauck Close Me Door Latch

Keep It Neutral

When planning your nursery it might be very tempting to go all out with the design. My advice however would be to keep the walls and colour pallette neutral and use tranquil colours.

You want to create a calm space that encourages relaxation and hopefully sleep! It doesn’t mean you can’t have a themed room (see later), but if you keep the base colours neutral it means your nursery will be more versatile and adaptable as baby grows.

Just don’t forgot whatever colour you decide to put on the walls, whether it be paint or wallpaper, make sure it’s washable!

Furniture that stands the Test of Time

Child friendly furniture doesn’t mean it has to be babyish in design. Choosing key pieces of furniture in classic designs mean that they will be functional for far longer as your child grows.

Tutti Bambini Siena Wardrobe

For instance, small wardrobes look cute, but it’s not long before they’re outgrown. My advice would be to buy a standard sized wardrobe and chest of drawers in a classic design which will still be practical when your child is older. You’ll be amazed at how time flies, and those cute little babygrows soon get replaced by school uniform.

Tutti Bambini Modena Cotbed

Also think about how long a baby is in a cot versus the cost of it. These cotbeds from Kiddies Kingdom last a lot longer than standard cots, and are suitable for children right up to 5 or 6. With adjustable heights and then turning into your child’s first bed, they are an extremely partical and cost effective solution.

Its all in the details

If you want to theme your child’s nursery (and there’s nothing wrong with that- I love a themed room!), then rather than go all out on elaborate designs on the walls and buying furniture that will date, use textiles, wall stickers, garlands and framed prints to create your theme. That way the room can be changed and altered as and when you want it to without the need for redecorating.

Also don’t forget the ceiling! Babies spend a lot of time on their back looking up. Think mobiles, vinyl stickers and bunting that will make the ceiling more interesting to stare at.

East Coast Silver Cloud Cot Mobile- Counting Sheep

Whatever nursery you create, theme or no theme, just remember that your baby really just wants to see you, so don’t get too hung up on what it looks like.

You can never have too make storage

You really can’t have too much storage in my opinion for any age child. It’s not long after they’re born that they manage to accumulate a mass of toys, and it is so much easier to keep things under control if everything has a home that you can quickly tidy things away in to.

I like to store toys in boxes or baskets. Easy reach for your child, and allows a certain amount of choice when it comes to free play, but it also helps keep the room tidy. Children of all ages love putting things back into boxes and it can help instil the concept of tidying up from a young age.

Make the Room Pratical for Parent and baby

With babies you will spend a lot of time nursing, regardless of your choice of feeding. If you have space in your nursery then create yourself a nursing corner.

This was one of the best things we did in our a nursery. A comfy chair and cushion, and I had a basket of books and magazines, a bottles of water and some cereal bars in case I got peckish during a night feed.

Obaby Reclining Glider Chair

You will also spend a lot of time changing your baby. So it’s a good idea to create a changing area. This can be just a changing mat stored under the cot with baskets for all the essentials, or a designated changing table which can help your back! If you opt for a table though make sure it can store everything you need within easy reach from nappies, wipes, spare baby grow etc so you don’t have to step away from the table at all.

Nightlights are also a great idea. Not only do they provide safety and comfort for your new baby, but also mean you can navigate your way into and around the nursery without turning on all the lights and waking up the whole household.

Black Out Blinds

This one I learnt the hard way. My children are now 6 and 7 still have black out blinds and curtains and they are an absolute god send.

Not only do they block out all the light, which helps for restful sleep regardless of the time of day, but they also help to keep the room cool in the Summer and warm in the Winter meaning a more stable constant room temperature. Win win!

So that’s it my top tips for how to create the perfect nursery. What do you think? Have I missed anything out? What would be your top tips? If you have anything to add then please pop me a message below.

Kerry x

[AD] This blog post is in collaboration with Kiddies Kingdom, but all words and opinions are my own.

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