My First Blog, Happy 2016!

My First Blog, Happy 2016!

This is not only my first blog of 2016, but my first blog ever!!

Like most mums of my age, NYE consisted of getting the kids to bed early, so me and their dad could get into our comfy clothes and watch TV whilst opening a bottle (or 2!) of Champagne, because that’s the thing to do, isn’t it?  After a brief ‘Happy New Year’ to each other, watching the handful of fireworks let off at the local pub from our garden, and the compulsory sending of global text messages, we retired at 12.20am.

Although my NYE wasn’t quite what it should have been, I am very much looking forward to 2016.  The main reason being I will have more time to spend with my precious 2 children: Isla who is 3 years old (shortly to turn 4); and Oliver who is 2 years old.  I will also have time to indulge myself more in my passion for gardening, crafting and baking.

Over the past 3 years we have also been renovating and building a vast extension on our house, and whilst the building work is all done, it is far from homely. I am looking forward to adding the ‘finishing touches’ and filling it with beautiful (in my head anyway!) hand crafted creations.

So at the very least I hope you enjoy my blog, and if you’re still reading this then thank you, hopefully more interesting blogs to follow. Let me know what you think!



Kerry x

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