Big Screen Heroes Take Flight at Showcase Cinema de Lux

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We were lucky enough to be invited to the very luxurious Showcase Cinema de Lux at Bluewater shopping centre for a screening of Big Screen Hereos: PAW Patrol and Top Wing.

My children have always enjoyed going to the cinema, and I enjoy it to. It’s something nice and relaxing that we can all do together, which is made even more relaxing by going to a Showcase Cinema de Lux.

So Saturday morning I got to spend some time with the kiddos and we headed down to the cinema at Bluewater shopping centre.

Showcase Cinema de Lux, Bluewater

The cinema is conveniently located within the Bluewater shopping centre in Kent. As it’s within the shopping centre itself, it’s very accessibe with nearby and free parking. It also means you can combine a shopping trip and cinema trip in one outing!

The screening took place in one of the screens that has fully customisable reclining seats. I said it before last time we went, and i’ll say it again, I honestly can not rave about these seats enough. They are just sooooo comfortable! In the words of my daughter it’s “The best cinema ever, with the amazing seats!”.

There’s loads of room in front of you to stretch out and fully recline. The seats are very soft and wide enough even for my generous hips, with space to put your drinks on the arm rest. If I could, I’d buy one for our longue!

The kids took no time at all to get themselves comfy, fully reclining their seats and armed with drinks and pick and mix they were ready for the movie to start.

Big Screen Heroes Take Flight

The screening itself was 4 Top Wing and 2 PAW patrol flying theme episodes. The whole thing was about 70 minutes long, which is perfect for even very young children with short attention spans.

PAW patrol probably needs very little in the way of introduction. But just in case you’ve been living under a rock, it’s about a group of pups that make up the PAW Patrol lead by a young boy called Ryder. In each episode they have to help someone out in trouble in Adventure Bay which usually revolves around the very eccentric Mayor and her pet chicken! Sounds a bit crazy doesn’t it? But the kids seem to love it and even I chortled to some of Chicaletta’s antics.

Top Wing I hadn’t heard of before, but the kids seemed to know what it was all about. Top Wing is about 4 young bird cadets training to be rescuers and earn their wings at the Top Wing academy on Big Swirl Island. The kids, particularly Oliver, really enjoyed the episodes, and he found himself laughing inconsolably at the mischievous monkeys that were causing havoc!

As crazy as the plot lines seem to us adults, they are a big hit with the kids. Through out all of the episodes though there is under running positive messages of teamwork and learning from our mistakes, which is never a bad thing.

Showcase Cinema has 21 cinemas across the UK. To find your local one check out their website.

Ticket prices for the Showcase Cinema de Lux at Bluewater are £9.35 for an adult and £8.60 for a child, however it is always best to check with your local cinema on prices and availability.

If you do get to go to one of Showcase Cinema de Lux to see a movie, I’d love to hear what you think!

Kerry x

We were kindly gifted tickets in exchange for this review, but all words and opinions are my own.

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