Stampin’ Up! Oh Happy Days Card Kit Review

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Stampin' Up!

If you are regular to this blog, you will know that we love a bit of crafting.  So when I had the opportunity to review this complete card kit from Stampin’ Up! how could I refuse!

If I am honest, card making isn’t something I regular do.  Years ago I did a course with my Mum and learnt some basic card making skills, but haven’t doing anything since.  Often I have thought it would be nice to make homemade cards and one year I hope to make all my own Christmas cards.  It’s a lovely idea, but I always run out of time.  However this may change now I have discovered these fab card kits from Stampin’ Up!

Stampin’ Up! Card Kit Review

We were sent the Oh Happy Days Card Kit.  This normally retails at £31.50, and is an all inclusive card kit to make 20 unique cards for a variety of different occasions.

The kit arrived in a lovely spotted cardboard box (which Jasmine has pinched now to store her own craft supplies in!), and contained everything you needed to create the 20 card designs plus a few extras.

The only thing it didn’t contain that I think would have been useful was the adhesive.  We just used PVA glue, but in hindsight it would have been easier I think to use Stampin’ Up’s mess free snail adhesive which is sold separately.  This looks like a fab no mess way to stick things and I am thinking of getting one for other craft projects!

Whilst my little two were at a party, me and Jasmine set up trialing out the kit and making a few cards.

Making the Cards

Initially I was a little over whelmed, there were so many pieces! Being a relative novice card maker I thought it would be difficult.  However, I read the instructions and it was clear that you just picked your design and the card pieces needed for that design were numbered accordingly. They were perforated and popped out easily without the need for scissors.  After we found all our pieces for our designs we simply assembled the cards following the picture of the final design on the instruction leaflet.  We did have to allow for some drying time as we used glue, but otherwise the process was very quick.

Initially we both picked fairly simple designs.  Stamping was completely new to me, but was really effective and easy and Jasmine really enjoyed doing it too.  When Isla came home she was also keen to try, and Jasmine loved teaching her.

The plastic stamps just stick to the acrylic block that comes with the kit and you also get a little ink pad to use.  It’s opened up a whole load of new possibilities for me, and my mind was rapidly thinking of other things and projects that I could make use of the stamps in.

We made 9 cards in total on our first session, which only took just over an hour.  It was really enjoyable, and I would say an ideal craft for adults and children a like, from say 10 years up wards.  The kit had enough supplies for a further 11 card designs, and has a few extra bits so you can ad lib a little and put your own spin on the designs.

Stampin' Up!
My first complete card

What We Thought

The kit was ideal for us as it had everything we needed. We could just sit down and get on with it, rather than searching through the house for all the bits and pieces.  I also liked the fact that the designs were there to copy but allowed you to change them slightly if you wished.  I sometimes struggle for inspiration so this was great.

My only negative is that the kit didn’t contain any adhesive, but the glue worked just fine.

Stampin' Up!
Our finished card designs!

Card making had kind of gone off my radar, but I am now thinking I may be purchasing a Stampin’ Up! card kit for Christmas. Maybe this will be the year everyone gets homemade cards after all!

Have you made your own greetings cards before? Have you tried stamping?

You can see the full range of goodies from Stampin’ Up on their website.  They are also on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest for more stamping and card making inspiration.

Kerry x

Disclaimer: I was given our Oh Happy Days card kit in return for this review, however all words and opinions are entirely my own.


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