Get in Your Garden! Week #23

It’s bank holiday Monday and the sun is finally shining! If your looking for a great idea to entertain the kids and keep them cool today, why not try this fab sensory frozen toy activity.

Get in Your Garden! Week #23

This week’s guest is by Emma at Me and B Make Tea and is a step by step tutorial on how to make these fab frozen toy ice blocks which are sure to keep your little ones entertained.

Hi there, I am a mum of one very inquisitive boy. We blog over at me and b make tea and we write about all things family and fun related. The blog started out as a way to document healthy eating but it quickly grew to cover all aspects of parenting and our life.

Frozen Toy Ice Fun

Where did the summer go hey? I don’t know why I’m asking that question because I know full well that a British summer doesn’t necessarily mean the sun shines!

We did get a fleeting heatwave though back in June and to keep us cool we did a little ice sensory play. Today I share with you some super easy ideas to keep little ones busy, and cool, this summer.


If we are lucky enough to get a few hot days then these ice eggs are perfect fun.

To make your ice eggs, you need the following:

  • Water
  • Food Colouring
  • Small toys that you aren’t too fussed about getting wet or bashed. Plastic animals, bugs and small dinosaurs work well.
  • An ice tray – preferably with larger compartments. The reason we did “eggs” was purely because we used an Easter egg mould! The eggs worked really well though and we could fit toys like little dinosaurs and bugs inside. Also, if you don’t have egg shaped trays, use any plastic tray and pop a few toys in. The trays that potatoes sit in work really well too!
  • Some tools to bash and smash your eggs once they are frozen.

First up, mix up some colourful water. I used a couple of jugs so that my son could pour the water into the ice trays.

Next pop in your toys. We also used coins and things that my boy considers “treasure”. If you pop to the pound shops, you can usually pick up tiny plastic jewels and beads in the craft section.

And now for the bit where you ask your child to be patient…you need to freeze your colourful water. If you know you have an impatient toddler then perhaps do a bit of “here’s one I prepared” earlier magic. Wink wink.

Once your ice eggs are frozen solid, pop them out and play! My son, B, loves getting all his tools out and smashing, bashing, hammering and chipping at the ice. Even though he knows what’s inside, he still loves trying to free his toys and treasure.

This is such a simple activity yet so great at keeping little ones entertained in the garden. Have you tried ice sensory play before?

Be sure to pin and save these ideas for a sunny day!

Frozen Toy

Emma Dowey

Thanks Emma, what a great but simple idea! My little boy would love this, and now the weather has warmed up we may give it a go!

If you have enjoyed this why not pop over to Emma’s blog,or you can find her on InstagramTwitter, FacebookPinterest and You Tube.

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