10 Reasons Cabin Beds are Perfect for Children’s Bedrooms

Cabin Beds

If your children are anything like the mine, the more they grow the more ‘stuff’ they tend to accumulate.  I thought once we got rid of the high chairs, change tables and bulky bouncers I would have more space, but boy was I wrong. Instead they accumulate so many toys and books, and the older they get the bigger their toys get! They also seem to have great reluctance to get rid of anything from their younger years.

With this in mind, I am constantly on the look out for new ways to organise my children’s bedroom. The latest of which is we are considering purchasing cabin beds and here is why.

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Get In Your Garden! Week #16

When the sun is shining it’s so lovely to sit outside in the garden.  We are having our patio done this year, and I can’t wait to get some garden furniture so we can sit outside and enjoy the summer evenings on the patio.  However garden furniture tends to get a little neglected, doesn’t it? Well if you want to make your patio furniture last then take a look at this week’s Get in Your Garden! guest post which is all about protecting your outdoor furniture.

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