Flower Pot Mini Cakes- Perfect for Mother’s Day?

Flower Pot Cakes

The idea of flower pot cakes wasn’t mine originally.  I’m not sure where it came from but it’s been in my head for the last year or so.  I was in two minds as to whether or not to post this, as my version of flower pot cakes didn’t quite turn out as Pinterstically perfect as I had imagined! However, I’m posting it nether the less, maybe someone will see it and let me know how to perfect it.

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Baking with Children Guest Post- Rice Crispie Hearts

Rice Crispie Hearts

I love baking, and I really enjoying baking with my children.  OK so it’s far messier when they are around (I’m not the tidiest baker myself to be honest!), and it does tend to take twice as long to get anything done, but I genuinely enjoy it.  As a bonus I think they do too, beyond the licking of the spoon and enjoying the results! This marshmallow rice crispie heart recipe is a simple take on a classic that the children can get involved in making and eating!

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