15 Fabulous Fireworks and Bonfire Night Crafts for Kids

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Fireworks and Bonfire Night Crafts for Kids

Fireworks night is just around the corner. I’m aware it can divide opinion but we love Guy Fawkes night. Getting all wrapped up and watching the whizz bangs, whilst writing our names with sparklers. The kids have been learning about the gun powder plot at school so it’s been a great excuse to look at Fireworks and Bonfire Night Crafts ahead of this traditional British celebration.  This is a round up post of some of the best Fireworks and Bonfire Night Crafts, which will hopefully provide you with some inspiration for activities to do with your littlies this weekend.

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Fireworks and Bonfire Night Crafts for Kids



Fireworks Crafts

Fireworks can be a great source of inspiration for craft projects even before they explode into a variety of colours. Just check out these Cardboard Tube Rockets by The Gingerbread House.


Fireworks and Bonfire Night Crafts for Kids
Image courtesy of the-gingerbread-house.co.uk


When they do explode in the sky, their colourful sparkley nature means they are great to recreate in kids craft projects using a variety of mediums.

I love this Salt Art Painting by Gluesticks. Who would have thought simple table salt can be so colourful! It’s a great simple craft for kids to get involved in.


Fireworks and Bonfire Night Crafts for Kids
Image courtesy of Gluesticksblog.com


This Salt Painted Fireworks post by The Best Ideas for Kids even has a free firework template which you can print off so the kids can use it to create their own fabulous firework artwork.


Fireworks and Bonfire Night Crafts for Kids
Image courtesy of thebestideasforkids.com


You can also create firework pictures using glue and other media. Like this fab Confetti and Glue Fireworks Craft by Preschool Toolkit. I love the fact that they made their own confetti using a hole punch.


Fireworks and Bonfire Night Crafts for Kids
Image courtesy of PreschoolToolkit.com


We simply used glue and glitter to make the fireworks in our Bonfire Night Collage.



You can also just use paint to make some great firework pictures. I love this Firework Splatter Painting by It’s a Tink Thing. A great messy play activity for kids of all ages to enjoy.


Fireworks and Bonfire Night Crafts for Kids
Image courtesy of itsatinkthing.com


Or how about using other objects to spread the paint? There are some great ideas out there using things like cut up toilet rolls or straws, or this one using marbles to make firework paintings by Daisies and Pie, a great sensory activity for really little ones.


Image courtesy of Daisiesandpie.co.uk


Or you can get really inventive and create these awesome fireworks paintings using a salad spinner! What a great process art activity by Squidgydoodle, and the resultant picture is really cool.


Image courtesy of squidgydoodle.co.uk


You can even take it one step further and have a go at this Film Canister Rocket Firework Painting by The Science Kiddo, which is not only a fun fireworks craft and activity, but a great little STEM project too!


Image courtesy of sciencekiddo.com


Or how about this for creativity? Have you ever had Painted Firework Toast? I haven’t but after reading this post from Messy Little Monster, I am eager to give it a go!


Image courtesy of messylittlemonster.com


If that’s all too much for you, then what about this no mess Sparkly Tape Fireworks craft by School Time Snippets.


Image courtesy of schooltimesnippets.com


Bonfire Crafts

It’s not just fireworks that give us inspiration for art and craft projects. Even the lowly bonfire can be a great source of inspiration.

I absolutely love this Glowing Campfire Craft from Buggy and Buddy. I particularly like the faux cotton wool marshmallows to toast on the fire. Such a great idea!


Image courtesy of BuggyandBuddy.com


Or what about this Bonfire Night Craft from the Gingerbread house, looks like so much fun to make.



To make our Bonfire Night Collage, we resorted to using natural materials, and I think the result is quite effective!


Bonfire Night Collages


For older children, you could even use polymer clay to create your bonfire like Moms and Crafters have done producing this fab Polymer Clay Bonfire Necklace.


Image courtesy of momsandcrafters.com


Hopefully this post has given you lots of ideas and inspiration for Fireworks and Bonfire Night crafts and activities to do with the kids to celebrate this great British tradition, whatever your view of fireworks is.  If you need more inspiration then check out and follow our Pinterest board.



Whatever you decide to do, stay safe and enjoy Fireworks night!


Kerry x




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