Will a Spiralizer Encourage Kids to Eat Veg?

The kids love to help in the kitchen, so in a vain attempt to get them to eat healthier we got the spiralizer out. I thought if we could make the vegetables fun, and get the kids involved in their preparation, then they might just try something new! Here’s how we got on.

Will a Spiralizer Encourage Kids to Eat Veg?

My kids aren’t too bad when it comes to eating veg, but they are terrible at trying anything new. They will eat boiled potatoes (as long as there is no brown bits on it!), carrots, sweetcorn, peas, broccoli. However if i dare put anything new on their plate like courgette, it’s like the world has ended. First I get the bottom lip poking out, then the tears, and then the defiant pushing the plate away, shortly followed by me trying to bribe them to just try one mouthful!

I had a eureka moment. Maybe if I made everything curly and fun using the spiralizer then they would eat it with no objection. They are always asking to help me in the kitchen (often more a hindrance than a help), but this time I decided to let them and get them having fun preparing vegetables.

I got the spiralizer out and with a little help from me, the kids spiralized courgette and potato. They kids really enjoyed doing it and even wanted to eat the veg raw! Promising I thought.  So I went ahead and cooked it and served it up for dinner along with some chicken and sweetcorn.

Now the veg was all curly, and the kids enjoyed preparing it, would this mean they would eat it? No is the short answer. Oliver ate the potato, and tried the courgette but left it. Isla had a little meltdown, she did try the courgette at least but wouldn’t eat either of the spiralized veg, even though ordinarily she would eat potatoes with no problem.

So is a spiralizer the answer to getting kids to eat vegetables? Sadly in this case no, but despite the lack of success I think it is good to get the children involved in the kitchen preparing their food and learning about different vegetables, and a spiralizer definitely makes that more fun.

I will continue to put new food and veg on their plates in the hope that they will try it, the battle continues!

How do you get your kids to try new things?



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  1. Simple answer: YES YES IT WILL! haha
    I have such a thing my self and it has really made veggie eating more fun. 😀 I have “grazers” so they eat while doing other things at he same time – using something like this makes mine at least finish putting it in their mouth before they wander off again. haha 😀

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  2. Lol, well at least you are trying! I think that is half the battle….maybe! I am only at the stage of weaning my baby, so he eats lots of things at the moment, less looking forward to when he is a toddler and decides he hates things! (My friends little girl will only eat sandwiches if they are ‘decontructed’ ha ha)

    I do fancy a spiraliser for myself though, I could do with eating more veg myself!!

  3. hehe it’s funny what they will and wont eat. I arrange my boys food into little pictures and what not and sometimes it goes down well and other times he is outraged! #KCACOLS

  4. I try hiding it in stews, spaghetti bolognese and shepherds pie. Mushrooms and cabbage are big no no’s in my house with my children although we don’t actually eat a huge variety of veg to be honest. Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next Sunday.

    1. Oliver picks fruit from the garden, I tried to persuade them to try cheery tomatoes from the greenhouse, but alas, no success! Thanks for your comments x

  5. My son is 14 months and just started spoon feeding himself, if you try and feed him he bats the spoon away spattering the food all over the room! If he doesn’t like it it comes straight back out of his mouth and he just cries if you try and persuade him otherwise! On these occasions he usually ends up with a banana and a yoghurt!! #KCACOLS
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    1. It’s so hard! They both used to be really good eaters, just seem to resent anything new I try! Thanks for your comment x

  6. Sorry, I know this might not be the reaction you were after but this did make me giggle a little! Kids can be so funny about food, my two are both quite fussy so I don’t really have any advice I’m afraid, I just try not to worry too much about it, they’ll come round to trying new things with time! x #KCACOLS

    1. It is funny looking back, but boy did it annoy me at the time! I do hope they will grow out of their fussy eating ways x

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