Get In Your Garden! Week #17

Festival season is truly upon us.  I have been to a few festivals in the past pre-children, but have yet to brave them with the kids. It maybe something we look at when the kids are older. If you like me love the festival vibe, but going with the children isn’t an option, why not create a mini festival in your own back garden? This weeks guest post is all about hosting your own mini festival.

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Get in Your Garden! Week #8


After a week’s break from my Get in Your Garden! Guest post series due to the lurgy, we are back with week #8.  This week it’s all about getting the kids involved with growing your own veggies, and this week’s post shows us that you really don’t need a large garden to do it.

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Get in Your Garden! Week #6

I’ve always assumed that it’s good for my children to spend time outside and in the garden, and I have encouraged them to participate as much as possible. I believe that it’s important for them to embrace nature and see how plants grow, and how they can give us food.  Turns out there’s some science behind it proving what I have assumed all along.

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Get in Your Garden! Week #5


Welcome to week 5 of my Get in Your Garden! Guest post series. I love my garden, and over the last 4 years I have learnt a lot about gardening and about growing your own plants from seeds.  However one thing I have yet to try is propagation.  It’s a subject that has always seemed a little bit daunting to me, but this year I may just dabble in it a little!

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