How to Make a Wooden Spoon Flamingo

Wooden Spoon Flamingo

This little craft was prompted again by one of our local horticultural shows. There was a class for a decorated wooden spoon for children aged between 5-7 years.  We have decorated wooden spoons in the past, and the kids loved it, so Isla was really keen to enter.  When I asked her what animal she wanted to turn her wooden spoon into, she of course said a Flamingo! Or mingo as she calls them, her favourite animal (probably because they’re pink!). So together we crafted this little wooden spoon flamingo.

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Get In Your Garden! Week #17

Festival season is truly upon us.  I have been to a few festivals in the past pre-children, but have yet to brave them with the kids. It maybe something we look at when the kids are older. If you like me love the festival vibe, but going with the children isn’t an option, why not create a mini festival in your own back garden? This weeks guest post is all about hosting your own mini festival.

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