Get in Your Garden! Week #13

We have been blessed with some gorgeous weather lately, and Summer has definitely arrived! This weekend it’s been all about the garden for us. On Saturday I went to Gardener’s World Live, which was fab and full of garden inspiration and yesterday we spent the entire day outside.  This week’s guest post is all about enjoying your garden and making the most of it.

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Upcycled Jam Jar Lid Flowers

Upcycled Jam Jar Lids

As an amateur preserve maker, I seem to have a lot of these jam jar lids kicking around.  I hate throwing things away so I kept hold of them hoping that one day inspiration would find me and give me an idea of what to do with them.  Well inspiration struck and I decided to make these cute up cycled jam jar lid flowers to decorate a boring piece of fence in our garden.

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