Sometimes My Kids Irritate Me!

Kids irritate me

OK, so I’m pretty sure this isn’t a groundbreaking statement and that I’m not alone.  We all know children can be irritating sometimes, and they know how to push your buttons. Recently however I’ve realised that there are a few things my kids do, or don’t do, that really irritate me! You know, properly wind me up to the point of near explosion!

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I’m Not Your Baby Anymore

Baby Girl

Today is Isla’s 5th birthday, my little baby, my first born, all grown up into a fully fledged little girl.  If i’m honest I feel quite emotional about it, i’m not sure why. Maybe it’s because I’m a complete stress head at the moment and i’m emotional about everything. Or maybe it’s because I feel time is moving to fast, she is growing up to fast.  I love seeing her blossom into the amazing little girl that she is.  Maybe I just wish I could pause time, just for a while, to savor every moment.

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Bad Behaviour? or Just Being a Threenager!

Being a mum is hard work at the best of times! Sometimes it is exceptional hard, and when you hit a phase (please let it be a phase!), of particularly difficult behaviour it feels like an uphill struggle. As mums we love unconditionally these little human beings we have created, but sometimes don’t they just test you to the limits!

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