A Quick Trip to the Doctor

Quick Trip Doctor

Nothing with the kids is just a ‘quick trip’ especially if it means going to the Doctor.  This is an account of a supposedly ‘quick trip’ to the doctor the other day that didn’t go quite to plan!  The most stressful hour and a half of my week so far!

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I’m Pregnant but That’s Not OK to Say!

Pregnant but That's Not OK to Say!

Why is it when you are pregnant people view you as public property? Strangers seem to think it’s OK to say whatever they think, and it’s NOT OK! When I was pregnant I actually felt self conscious about my rapidly changing body, and this was not helped by comments made by people who didn’t think before they spoke!

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The Perfect Holiday

I’ve only just found out about the #MarkWarnerMum family ambassador programme, but what a great oppourtunity!! I’ve only been blogging since the beginning of the year, but have every intention of going pro as soon as I am able, so despite being a ‘newbie’ here’s our entry…

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A Nappy of Convenience

I have potty trained two toddlers (one very recently), and believe me I am no expert in this field.  In fact I sometimes think should I have done it differently?  Been more pro-active and done it earlier? Or did I leave it late because a nappy is more convenient.  So this post is about my various musings of potty training toddlers.

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