Arty Apple Personalised Aprons Review

Arty Apple specialise in bespoke personalised gifts and nursery décor.  When Amy at Arty Apple approached me to ask if I would be interested in reviewing one of her products, I jumped at the chance! I was torn between the beautiful bunting for the kids bedrooms, or the personalised aprons. I decided on the aprons as we love to bake as a family and I think I made a pretty good choice, read on to see what we thought!

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Our Halloween Party

This year we decided to have a little Halloween party for the kids and a few of their friends.  It was a good excuse to get dressed up, and gave purpose to some of our Halloween crafts we’ve been doing and of course a good excuse for me to bake some Halloween goodies.  Want to know what we got up to?

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Autumn Scavenger Hunt

Autumn Scavenger hunt

I love the Autumn, when the leaves start to fall, and the nights start to draw in.  As a family we love getting outdoors, and just because the weather isn’t as good, it doesn’t put us off! I have been meaning to do a scavenger hunt for the kids for ages now, but what better time to do it than the beginning of Autumn, when there are loads of acorns, conkers and other treasures to find!

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